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SampradAyEna Samudhbhvam - A Series Of Lecture Demonstrations!

Press Release

SampradAyEna Samudhbhavam : Revial through tradition. 

(Jan 2020-Jun 2020 )

A series of lecture demonstrations by Smt Aparna Balaji,  at NE-SRS Brundavan. 

1527, Middlesex St, Lowell MA 01851

Raghavendra Rao Vencharla 

Founder, NE- SRS Brundavan

NE SRS Brundavan is affiliated to the famous shrine at Mantralayam that is dedicated to this saint and is supported and guided by the current pontiff H.H Shri Subhudendra Theertha as part of a global reach program. The mission of this program is to establish prarthana Mandirs all over the globe so that devotees have access to their beloved guru no matter where they are in the globe. 

Shri Raghavendra Swami belongs in the lineage of Madhwacharya and lived in the 16th century and is believed to be the incarnation of the greatest of all devotees - Prahallada. In addition to many scholarly treatises that he authored, this saint provided frameworks for the common man to lead a pious and moral life making the shastra- based life available to all. He entered Jeeva Samadhi at Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh and is believed to live in a metaphysical form for 700 years - Devotees continue to feel his presence and many miracles are regularly reported and his guidance and benevolence are lovingly experienced. For this reason, this saint is considered to be the Kalpavruksha or Kamadhenu of the Kaliyug. Raghavendra swami (fondly called Rayaru) has a huge following all over the world

NE SRS Brundavan launched 4 years ago first as an ‘events only’ organization but became an operating mutt or temple since September 2017. The temple is located at 1527 Middlesex st, Lowell MA Unit #5 and operates 4 days a week Thursday through Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. The temple runs on a self-sustaining model and is completely run and managed by the devotees of Raghavendra Swami in the New England area. A full time priest will be at mutt starting Feb 18th 2020. The organization is raising funds and working towards a permanent temple location. Details about the temple and also options to make one time or recurring donations are available on the organization’s website. For more information, contact info@ne-srsbrundavan.org.

Very happy and excited to share that NE SRS Brundavan through Smt.Aparna Balaji provides great opportunity to explore fine art forms and share her experiences and knowledge through 6 sessions of Lecture Demonstration.

NE SRS Brundavan (New England Sri Raghavendra Swami Brundavan) humbly presents : 

“SampradhAyEna Samudhbhavam” 

                    -Revival through tradition 

(Relevance  of tradition and art in today’s world) 

                    by Smt Aparna Balaji, Carnatic Musician 

Offering 6 sessions of lecture demonstration with exploratory learning through performing arts . 

Time : 5:30 PM- 7:30 PM 

(Please check for any change in time due to weather on our facebook page) 

Session 1 :Jan 18th 2020 Bhakthi - DONE 

Introduction to the bhakthi movement and traditional fine art forms

Session 2 : Feb 22nd 2020 Lalitha KalA

Brief details about all fine art forms branching into music , dance and drama 

Session 3: March 14th 2020 VAgEyakAra 

Different types of compositions and composers. 

Session 4: April 18th 2020 KArana 

The purpose of fine art forms ( scientific, physical, emotional and spiritual) 

Session 5 : May 23rd 2020

Swaroopa ( Samroopa and PrAroopa)

The idea of Carnatic music , it’s components , perception in today’s world. 

Session 6: June 27th 2020 SwAnubhava 

Carnatic music as performing arts, a way of life and a spiritual guide.

Registrations are open for adults and kids of all art forms. Please click on the link given below to register. You can register for individual session or for all 6 sessions together. Looking forward to seeing you all .

Thank you for your encouragement and support. 


The first of these sessions was conducted on Saturday Jan 18th, 2020.

The session started with great energy, good turnout and very intriguing questions from young students, who’d braved the snow and the inclement weather forecast .

The essence of the session can be summed up in the following salient points :

After a detailed exploration that was allowed by the time limit , one came to understand that many saints , poets and composers of our Indian traditional art forms have shared their experiences about how their physical, financial security and abundance, still left a void in life. The only way to fill this void - and the search for same - led them back on to that which is elaborated in the ancient scriptures and internalized through the time tested methods of living a connected life with themselves, the environment, the universe and the Supreme. This exclusive means to eternal bliss led them to express themselves ecstatically, all the way extolling living a dharmic life, in a way helping ourselves and our environment ( fellow beings , and nature ) through sustainable living with minimal footprint. Over the millennia, this led to the codification and reiteration of Dharmic, or sustainable living and realization, through their amazing work.

As life became more and more complicated over time, the realization that devotion or Bhakti as a major path to the above realization took hold. The Bhakti movement was explained in this context, and how ‘Surrender’ emerged as a great tool to letting go of ego completely was explained. In this, it was pointed out that the spirit was more important than the letter.

The icons to surrender to - or the Godheads - were explained in a practical context. They were leaders/givers of the most esteemed nature that one can find among humans, giving a personal touch. It was also pointed out that contemplating and surrendering to such auspicious icons that are relatable will help purify ourselves and surrender becomes relatively easy.

The figurative killing of rakshasas was explained in the context of our inner conflict and the intent to allow the good win over the evil.

The idea of Dharma and “DharmO Rakshathi Rakshithaha” was explained in today’s context - Nature is the ultimate truth ! Creator , protector , guide , the eternal truth . If we don’t take measures to protect it - it will not protect us .

The overarching message of the session - Be devoted to your duties and be detached from the results .

The session was aptly interspersed with relevant musical interludes sung by Smt. Aparna Balaji and her senior students with an auspicious conclusion of introducing a composition of Saint Thyagaraja - Bhakthi Bhikshameeyave - in an interactive manner, allowing children and adults to join. 

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