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Vasant Sunderesan - Musical Instruments Drive


 Vasant Sundaresan, a senior at Saint Johns High School is a boy scout in Troop 114 working towards Eagle. he is currently working on a service project, which is collecting, refurbishing, and donating musical instruments to the Joy of Music Program in Worcester. He has collected 9 so far


Musical Instrument Drive

Donate to help a child pursue their love of music!

Vasant Sundaresan • Eagle Scout Project • Troop 114

All instruments will be donated to the 

Joy of Music Program, Worcester

What you can donate : 

1. Gently used guitars, trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, trombones, horns, tubas, flutes, and violins

2. Cash donations are always appreciated! 100% of your cash goes towards refurbishing instruments and buying extra parts.

  • PayPal : vasantsun29@gmail.com

  • Venmo : @vasantsun29

Contact to donate, or if you have any questions!


774-214-6685 (please text)

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