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Hasya Kavi Sammelan

Geetha Patil

A poets’ meet “Hasya Kavi Sammelana” was organized on Saturday, November, 23, 2019 afternoon at the Auditorium of Shiridi Sai Baba Temple, Billerica, MA. This event certainly brought people together from all the borders of age and class to appreciate poetry. Judging from the numbers thronging the auditorium the program was a great success.

Mr. Kanchan Banerjee, the co-founded the Indo-US Health Initiatives and Boston Center of Excellence for Health and Human Development (BoCE), Mr. Sandeep Shrivastava, the Co-Founder at Magnolian InvestCo (MAGIC LLP) and an Advisory Partner with Trinity Private Equity Group, Mr. Suresh Sharma, President of Milan Cultural Association organized this laughter filled amusing program with a short notice for the poetry and literature lovers of the New England area. Mr. Sanjeev Tripathi, the Sutra Dhār/ emcee of the program started session by welcoming and thanking the audiences for attending the program and showing their enthusiasm. Later, he invited poets one by one to the stage with their brief introduction and recited a short poem written by him just to highlight their special features to the audiences. The poets meet began with the recitation of short poems and then slowly and gradually the poets made the program more fun filled by narrating various circumstances and expressing their reactions to those through their comical poems.

Three highly acclaimed Hasya Kavis from India namely Mr. Mahesh Dubey, Mr. Ras Bihari Gaur, and Mr. Ved Prakash presented Hashya Kavitas and entertained the audiences. During the program, each poet recited their creations before the audience and received much appreciation.  
The program began with a poet of note and gifted with a strong and pleasant voice Mr. Ras Bihari Gaur who started by reciting his amusing poems on various social, familial and marital relationships, particularly his poem on mother and mother land made the audiences more emotional and won everybody's hearts.  Mr. Mahesh Dubey brought laughter by poking fun at his own emaciated appearance especially about his baldness and then proceeded to regale the audiences with poem after poem recited in a clear and pure Hindi accent. Mr. Ved Prakash was equally amusing, particularly with his poem on Yama Raj and actress Mallika Sherawat. He uttered each line through gentle satire and in the manner of enlivened morality with wit. Mr. Ved uses his poetry as a tool for mocking at people’s behavior.

Poets recited their poems on social life, love relations, spousal sweet and bitter relationships, changing socio-cultural patterns, the loss of values, and the break-up of a familiar way of life, mother and mother country, politics, actors, and other behavioral and cultural subjects of the people in general. They wonderfully presented their poems before the audience with the utmost humor and satiric that the audiences and literature lovers burst out with laughter. Their poetries were full of entertainment that made the poetic atmosphere even more enjoyable especially for the adult audiences. The performance these talented poets went down very well and the audiences certainly experienced the whirls of laughter during the poets meet. Many of the poems recited carried a social message. Mr. Sanjeev Tripathi also read his poems and summed up the program very diligently.

Mr. Suresh Sharma said in his concluding remarks that laughter is the best medicine and can create wonders by bringing back happiness and normalcy into our monotonous life and fragmented mind. Mr. Kanchan Banerjee thanked all the poets for accepting their invitation with a short notice and entertaining all of them with their comic poems and also giving them some useful intelligent messages. He also thanked the Shiridi Sai Temple for proving them with their comfortable auditorium. Lastly, he thanked all the passionate audiences for their interest and support.

One of the audiences said, “It was a zestful event as the poets made our afternoon so enjoyable with their comic poems and the expressive and animated recitals on various aspects of our life and society.”


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