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16th Annual Boston Bhangra Competition

Rohit Bambi

If you like dance, the 16th annual Boston Bhangra Competition was the place to be on Saturday, November 23rd! The dancing was fantastic and the audience was packed!

The concept of Boston Bhangra is to showcase the best Bhangra teams from across North America on one singular stage. Bring the best teams together for this competition and you see how explosive and entertaining Bhangra can truly be!

Boston Bhangra, BBC for short, had teams from all over North America competing to be crowned the Showdown Champion.  Teams from Vancouver, Toronto, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Virginia and Massachusetts all showed the Boston audience some of the best dances they have seen all year! However, only 3 teams could win:

1 Place: Madak Mutiyaaran Di - Toronto

2nd Place: CMU Bhangra - Pennsylvania

3rd Place: Vancouver Folk Roots Bhangra - Vancouver

Over $5000 worth of prize money and funding was awarded to the teams for attending the competiion.

Here is a quick description about each winning team:

Madak Mutiyaaran Di (1st Place):

Madak Mutiyaaran Di (MMD) is an all-girls team from Toronto, Canada. We come from

2 Step Bhangra Dance Academy where we have been teaching Bhangra, Dhol & Giddha from the past 10 years. Our goal is to keep performing at our best level and encourage more girls to dance competitively.

CMU Bhangra (2nd Place):

CMU Bhangra was founded in 2006 at Carnegie Mellon University. We strive to entertain our audiences by striking a balance between high levels of dancing, entertainment, and passion on stage. With our dancing we entertain, with our expressions we charm, and with our hearts we inspire. We hope you enjoy catching a glimpse of CMU Bhangra performing!

Vancouver Folk Roots Bhangra (3rd Place):

Vancouver Folk Roots Bhangra is a young group of dedicated and talented individuals who share a deep passion for the beautiful art form of Bhangra and our rich Punjabi Heritage. They wish to inspire future generations to promote folk Bhangra, and to keep our cultural roots alive.

We had great food served by Bawarchi Biryani and everybody ate that up as well!

To learn more about Boston Bhangra, visit our website @ www.bostonbhangra.com/bbc, or contact us @ info@bostonbhangra.com or call 617-448-2508

Our larger sponsors include Bawarchi Biryani, E3UK, One Prosper and PTC Punjabi. PTC Punjabi will air the show on television with the coming months!

Be sure to keep February 29th, 2020 booked for our next event: The South Asian Showdown (www.southasianshowdown.com)

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