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Satsang Center: Jalaram Jayanti And Diwali Appreciation Dinner

Press Release

SATSANG Center Celebrates Sant Shree JalaRam's Jayanti on November 2nd at 5 PM!  All are welcome!  You will be really enjoy the Virpur Feast!  And great Rendition of JalaRam Bhajan!  Of course in Gujrati!  But Maha-Prasad is GUJARATI tasty Feast!

SATSANG Center is going to have Diwali Appreciation Dinner on November 3rd from 3 PM to celebrate 34th Anniversary of SATSANG.  Those who contributed more than $500 towards year 2019, have earned two Complimentary VIP tickets / $500.   At the entrance, tickets are $51 for VIP, $25 for Adults, $7 for youth.  

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