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Life And Breath Course In Cambridge


Life and Breath is a program based on two simple principles namely, Breathing and Meditation. While we learn several subjects during our lifetime, no curriculum in schools and universities deals with the art and science of breathing. The basic program of Life and Breath brings to you the scientific theory and practical exercises of breathing to be done as per your convenience at home. No special equipment is necessary. This will bring order in the physical condition of the body and if practised regularly it can reduce your illnesses and medical bills drastically. 

The human mind is a machine that does a lot of unnecessary thinking which brings in mental fatigue and stress. While we have medicines for diseases of the body, there are none for the diseases of the mind. Meditation is the only assured way of taming the mind. Life and Breath program will teach you the scientific technique of meditation.

Importantly, we live life without formally learning the laws of living. Life and Breath, brought to you by Pratibimb Charitable Trust, will teach you these simple laws which will regularise your life. 

The Trust is based in Mumbai, India and the basic program is of 30 hours duration. It will be delivered in 5 days of 6 hours per day of intense practical sessions interspersed with theory. 

It is a non-religious activity and it does not preach or advocate a change in your lifestyle. Anybody above the age of 18 is eligible to join and there is no upper age limit. On your end, you are required to attend in comfortable loose clothing. 

The teacher  selected is a highly evolved soul with a number of years of teaching experience. Usha brings her unique personality and charm in imparting the knowledge, demonstrating the techniques and getting them done by the participants, with love and personal attention.

The course will be over two weekends Nov 9,10,16,17 from 10am - 315pm, with a 45 min lunch break.It will be held at 100 memorial drive, Cambridge. There will also be optional practice sessions tues and thurs evenings.  Please RSVP by October 20th to reserve a seat.

For more details email andygupta2007@gmail.com.Cost - will depend on number of attendees. Essentially cost of flight and venue being split among attendees  in the range of $100-125/ person.



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