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THREADS 2019: A Community Driven Conference

Press Release

Threads is the first of its kind community driven conference with one audacious goal: to tell the story of the Hindu-American. Threads 2019 will be held in Boston, MA, on November 1-3, 2019.  It is our pleasure and distinct privilege to invite you to the conference. Your presence will inspire and spark the imagination of the delegates in immeasurable ways.

Hindus immigrated to America from all corners of the world and are deeply interwoven in the fabric of America today. Hindus have strengthened the strands of culture, knowledge, community engagement and enterprise. They have enriched the American tapestry with diverse and far ranging contributions. The inspiring story of how Hindu-Americans achieved their dreams and fulfilled their aspiration of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is in fact a tribute to America which embraced them with open arms in this wonderful land of opportunity. Even as the incredible and fascinating saga of Hindu-Americans continues, it is time to chronicle their integration and contributions.

Hindus have made America their home – as scientists and technologists they are pushing the envelope of discovery, as business leaders and entrepreneurs they are creating wealth for America, as educators Hindus are igniting the minds of future Americans, as artists Hindus are adding creative patterns in the American mosaic and are bringing about positive change by actively engaging in public service and journalism. The Hindu practices of yoga and meditation, universal ethos of Hindu spirituality, values of pluralism and inclusion are increasingly enhancing the quality of life in America.

In this backdrop, Threads aims to bring together inspiring Hindu-American thinkers, artists, educators, writers, public policy makers, scientists, medical professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, business leaders on one platform - for a singular purpose: to share their stories and journeys, to celebrate their accomplishments, engage with each other face to face, explore together innovative ideas and inspire the youth - the future of America.

The three-day conference welcomes people from all disciplines, denominations and cultures who seek a deeper understanding of the Hindu-American narrative. The conference will feature inspiring, charismatic personalities from an array of fields as keynote speakers and panelists and will cover a broad range of topics. There will also be lightening talks on unique ideas, projects and poster presentations. Topics will cover a broad range of areas: Science and Technology, Arts and Literature, Holistic Living, Education, Medicine, Industry and Commerce, Public Service and Advocacy, Service and Philanthropy.

We look forward to your distinguished presence at the conference November 1-3, 2019 in Boston as we recount the fascinating tale of Hindu-Americans, to network, connect and listen to inspiring stories.  Be a part of history, as it is being made!

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