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Sapta:Encore - The Seven Deadly Sins


Neena Gulhati and the Triveni Ensemble presents Sapta:Encore - The Seven Deadly Sins on October 6th in Lexington, MA. Buy your tickets today at Sapta.eventbrite.com!

Lokvani talked to Neena Gulhati about her upcoming presentation.

How did u come up with the concept for the production?

I have 4 senior dancers, most of them have been with me for almost 30 yrs. Each year we have a meeting to decide what our theme will be for Triveni Ensemble's next production. Most of our themes are taken from Hindu mythology such as Das Avatar or Stories of Krishna. But this time we decided to incorporate the Western concept of the "Seven Deadly Sins"
Could you share a few highlights of the production? 

Traditionally, one would think about "sins" as a dark deadly theme but we were able to add comic relief with features like Sloth portraying a lazy, lethargic husband. And Gluttony featuring Lord Ganesha devouring his favorite Modak. Another highlight is our collaboration with the Natraj Jazz group.

What is the biggest takeaways from the production for the audience?

A comment from an American who was in the audience at our April performance said "I have seen Indian Classical dance before but Sapta was a memorable performance because of how relatable it was. By taking the concept of the seven deadly sins, Triveni created a way for anyone to understand the language of Indian Classical Dance through their exquisite stories. I highly recommend this show for anyone who wants to see Indian Classical Dance in an exciting and relevant context." - Joseph Kenney

How was it to collaborate with the Nataraj ensemble?

It has been a great experience working with Phil Scarff and his talented musicians. We had collaborated before with the African drummers but this time we asked Phil to compose the music to blend with our theme of the sins as portrayed in the Dice game from the Mahabharata.  

You have the longest running classical dance school in New England. What is the secret to your continued teaching ?

I have loved dance since I was a 3 years old sleeping with my dancing bells under my pillow. I have tried to share that same passion with all my students. I am also very fortunate to have many of my senior dancers who love to teach and impart their love for dance with equal passion. 

Any special message for our readers?

Hope everyone will come and enjoy this unique presentation of the Seven Deadly Sins.

For tickets, visit: Sapta.eventbrite.com

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