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Akhand Japa Marks Chaitra Navaratri At Satsang Center

Sanjay Saxena

On March 21st, the first day of “Chaitra Navaratri”, about 150 people took part over a 12-hours period in the “Akhand Japa” (i.e. continuous recitation with meditation) held at Satsang Center from 7:00Am to 7:00PM. This day is also known as "Varsha Pratipada" which marks begining of Hindu new year "Vikram Samvat 2061" which runs 57 years ahead of the common era (CE).

For Spiritual aspirants (Sadhaks), Navratri Parva is an specially auspicious period for intensive Sadhana, which, if done with mindfulness and living faith, gives extraordinary results in terms of rapid progress towards spiritual unfoldment. Most people who performed Japa with sincere, humble, open and receptive heart, were tangibly touched by the divine bliss and they had very unique experience throughout the Akhand Japa. Several kids were continuously present for the entire duration of 12 hours and they participated with great enthusiasm and devotion. People also enjoyed reading spiritual books and listening Satsang audio after their Japa. The event concluded with arti. Lalita Prajapati & Sangeeta Saxena prepared the Maha-prasad.

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