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Featured Organization, Indus Women

Chitra Parayath and Nirmala Garimella

The Indus Women is an organization for women entrepreneurs, corporate executives and professionals. Its goal is to foster entrepreneurial and professional development of women with roots or interest in the Indus region. It leverages the capabilities and network of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Boston Chapter, with which it is affiliated.

"Offering women an opportunity to meet with peers, get industry perspectives, and tools to engage in various aspects of entrepreneurship is our primary objective," says Ms. Geetha Ramamurthy, of The Indus Women, when we meet her at the TiE Atlantic office.
"Women start businesses at twice the rate as men, but they are often at a disadvantage when it comes to knowing the right people, getting information and support and, especially, capital to grow their businesses. It is our mission to bridge that gap and to get them on the right track."
"We've been thinking about getting an organization like this for women, for a long time now," says Radha Jalan, Chair person, The Indus Women. "When we started this TiE supported the idea wholeheartedly."
Since then the success has been astounding. The interest and patronage has grown leaps and bounds and every one of the events organized have been popular," Ms Jalan adds.
The first networking event in October 2001 was sponsored by four corporate entities and the response encouraged Ms. Jalan and Ms. Ramamurthy to expand and extend the service.
"We want women from all fields, professional women to join our group and share their experiences with other women," says Ms. Ramamurthy. "Women can mentor and advice other inexperienced women in similar enterprises and can prove vital in shaping the future of the latter."
The Indus Women organization, initiated by TiE Atlantic, was founded in 2001 to assist Indian women entrepreneurs in the New England area to realize their full business potential. Women looking to start or expand their businesses have a vital need for information, education and networking opportunities. The Indus Women will cater to this requirement across the region. The organization intends to sponsor conferences and workshops, provide individualized technical assistance, and serve as a support group for small business owners.
The Indus Women aims to become a reliable source of information for entrepreneurs and assist its members in all aspects of small business development. The programs will be supported by membership dues, program fees, personal and corporate contributions and the voluntary services of members and patrons.

1. Facilitate networking among it diverse base of members
2. Provide a forum for the cross-pollination of ideas and talent
3. Organize targeted educational/participatory programs
4. Promote interaction and integration with mainstream businesses, and the corporate and professional community in the region
1. Invitation to private members-only events
2. Free or reduced admission to programs, special events and conferences
3. Free initial one-on-one consultation
4. Discounts to services and programs sponsored by other organizations
5. Serve as mentors to women entrepreneurs in the area
6. Avail of technical assistance and support provided by The Indus Women to entrepreneurs

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Radha Jalan

Geeta Ramamurthy

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