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Fun And Inspiring Youth Camp At Chinmaya Mission Boston

Krishnan Vaidyanathan

Chinmaya Mission Boston successfully concluded a Youth Camp (JCHYK) titled 3D Living. The goal of the camp was to tap into the endless potential of our youth (rising 9th to 1st year college). Our youth can feel stress because their activities do not have direction. Introducing them to the divine and showing them direction will help them live up to their god-given potential and succeed in all walks of life. 3D Living - Dedication, Direction, Devotion was led by Vivekji, Shankarji and Shashiji and was held at the Chinmaya Mission Boston, Andover, MA  Aug. 12 - Aug. 16th 2019.

The camp was based on 4 shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 12. The youngsters played games, participated in workshops, had group discussions and did seva while memorizing the four shlokas. It was amazing to see the joy in the faces of the children as they played soccer every day and visited Boda Borg, Boston where they were challenged with multiple mental or physical quests and had to learn to collaborate and work in teams. After the camp a young person felt “we all must incorporate God into our lives. God is neither a being nor a physical idol and we can find God all things, alive or non alive, black or white, poor or rich”.

Another said “the very modern attitude of Vivekji and Shankarji while teaching and making the material relate to situations in life” and “I set myself to dedicate my focus and time on the truly important things to me”. Inspiring quotes like these validate Chinmaya Mission’s mission of bringing maximum happiness to one and all. Helping the youth become confident individuals who do the right thing while achieving success in life is goal of this annual weeklong volunteer run program at Chinmaya Mission Boston.

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