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IAGB Elects New Executive Committee

Press Release

On September 7, 2019, the India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB) held its term end General Body Meeting (GBM) and election of a new Executive Committee (EC). All active members were invited to attend the GBM. Current President of IAGB, Aditi Taylor, provided an update from the term of last two years (2017-2019). She outlined that in the last two years the IAGB EC had consciously expanded the focus on the organization beyond cultural events that it was previously known for. IAGB established a five platform structure focusing on civic engagements, community service, senior interactions, youth engagement and culture. Across the five platforms, IAGB EC organized over 15 events in the last two years. A list of the events is included below.

Visa Camp – Nov 2017

ArmChair Travel to India – Education series – Nov. 2018

Community service @ Cradles to Crayons – Dec. 2017

Community service @ Food Heals – Dec. 2018

Establishment of central line with Indian Consulate NY for crisis queries in New England

Community service @ Greater Food Bank – Dec. 2018

Republic Day Mela – Jan. 2018


Antakshari and Republic Day Mela – Jan. 2019

Healthcare Proxy and Living Will Workshops – Apr. 2018

Healthcare Proxy and Living Will Workshops – Feb. 2019

College Prep Workshops – May 2018

College Prep Workshops – Apr. 2019

Walk for Hunger Drive – May 2018


Walk for funds for MA Coalition for Homelessness – May. 2019

India Day Festival – Aug. 2018


Discussion Forum for Participating in Town Politics – May 2019

Chat with Indian Candidate Beej Das – Aug. 2018


India Day Festival – Aug. 2019


Following the GBM, the Election Committee appointed by the EC provided an overview of the election process. The Election Committee discussed the candidates that had been nominated and approved after the due diligence review. The proposed candidates were then voted in unanimously by the General Body for the 2019-2021 term. Mr. Sanjay Gowda was elected as President and Ms. Vaishali Gade was elected as Vice President. Mr. Veeresh Rudramuni was elected as Treasurer and in the absence of nominations, the post of the Secretary was left empty to be filled subsequently by the new EC. The following individuals were elected as Directors: Ms. Sutanuka Basu, Mr. Sanjay Kudrimoti, Mr. Sushil Motwani, Ms. Lata Rao, Mr. Nagendra Rao, Mr. Harsha Sheshanna, Mr. Ashok Shetty, and Mr. Prag Singh.

Taking over the helm of IAGB, President-elect Mr. Sanjay Gowda said, “We have accomplished a lot and seeded a number of initiatives in the last two years under the visionary leadership of Aditi Taylor. And now it is the time to take them to the next level. IAGB is a non-political organization but will take the larger role to create awareness, educate at the grass root level and encourage more to understand and involve in the civic activities, and also will build a higher level of engagement with local/state agencies. Among other things, we need to unite all the regional organizations together for the issues that matter to the larger Indian Community. The strength is in numbers. Our cultural celebrations will continue to unite and create socio-cultural awareness in the mainstream New England area but will need to take it to much higher heights for broader participation similar to other major cities in the US. I am truly humbled and honored for the opportunity and excited to be part of the fantastic diversified incoming 2019-21 team”

Vice President-elect Ms. Vaishali Gade said, “we will build the bridges identifying opportunities and experiences that will create strong and closely coordinated partnerships and collaborations among families, youth and community organizations. Along with delivering meaningful experiences to New England Indian American Community.

The new EC will officially take charge after the end of the fiscal year on October 1, 2019.


India Association of Greater Boston (IAGB) is the oldest and one of the leading Indian-American organizations in New England. It serves the Indian-American communities in the Greater Boston area - Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. IAGB strives to foster a strong Indian-American social, cultural and community presence in New England.


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