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The Great Indian Dance Traditions In SAPTAVARNA

Press Release

The Great Indian Dance traditions in SAPTAVARNA –

Classical Ballet on September 21

The SAPTAVARNA concept of creating a composite choreography of seven different dance for a ballet performance is bold and innovative in the great tradition of Indian dance.  Guru Aruna Mohanty along with the dance exponents Anitha Guha, Monisa Nayak, Janardhan Raj Urs, Pallavi Krishna, and Avijit Das help create the multi-tier stage production of two contrasting segments.  The first segment Suryasnata is a tribute to the eternal sun, its daily transit of light and shade, its life and death, its heat and cold, its reign on the planet.  This vigorous segment is followed by the second segment on the Srimadbhgavadgita, analyzing life itself on the planet, man’s pleasure and grief, the anxiety of win and loss, the conflict of duty and result, and the realization of the eternity of life.

An eighteen-member troupe with excellent set design and production arrangement will participate in the North American premiere of the ballet SAPTAVARNA on September 21, 2019 at Isaac Harris Cary Memorial Hall, 1605 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington.   The troupe received acclaim from their first performance as cultural ambassadors of India to the multi-nation Festival in Singapur and is on tour for a year.  There are nine male dancers and nine female dancers in this all-star cast.  The music credit goes to eleven composers distributed through different dance traditions in India.

The dance particulars are given in http://www.saptavarna.org.  The tickets are distributed via Lokvani at https://bit.ly/31FM8z0  Readers of Lokvani would receive a 30% discount until September 10, 2019 by using discount code LOKVANI.

SAPTAVARNA tour of Boston is sponsored by India Discovery Center of Lincoln, MA. http://www.indiadiscoverycenter.org


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