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Recipes For Ganesh Chaturthi


 Dry Fruit And Nut Modak

·       1/4 cup pitted dates

·       2 teaspoon poppy seeds

·       4 teaspoon cashews

·       1/2 cup almonds

·       8 tablespoon ghee

·       1/4 teaspoon powdered green cardamom

·       1/2 cup pistachios

·       12 dried figs

·       Step 1

To prepare this recipe, take dried figs, dates and chop them. Take a pan, keep it on medium flame and without adding any oil just lightly roast pistachio, almonds and cashews until golden brown in color. Once the roasted nuts cool down, using a mixer convert them into powder form. Keep aside.

·       Step 2

Take a pan, keep it on medium flame and add ghee, dates, dried figs to the pan and stir fry them. When the figs become crisp, remove them from flame and let them cool down. After that grind them into a paste them using a mixer.

·       Step 3

Take the same deep bottomed pan and pour the prepared paste into it. Stir in poppy seeds, dry fruits, nut powder, cardamom powder and mix it with the date and ghee mixture. Fry these ingredients together.

·       Step 4

When the dry fruits are added it can often lead to the formation of lumps. Then add some more ghee into the vessel.  Shape them into modaks. You can use cookie moulds but I do this by hand

. It is always advised to finely chop the nuts and then add it to the mixture. Garnish with pistachios or saffron strands.

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