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In New Zealand; Hindus More Trustworthy Than Atheists, Protestants, Muslims, Catholics, Evangelicals

Press Release

Hindus are more trustworthy than Atheists/agnostics, Protestants, Muslims, Catholics and Evangelicals; according to survey “Who do we trust in New Zealand?” of Victoria University Wellington (VUW).
More people feel positively about Hindus that not—28.3 percent of New Zealanders have complete or lots of trust in Hindus, while 19.9 percent have little or no trust; recently released results of this public trust survey on interpersonal and institutional trust by the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies of globally ranked VUW in association with market and social research agency Colmar Brunton; point out.
But Buddhists and Jews are more trustworthy than Hindus, survey indicates; and adds that while Buddhists are the most trusted religious group, Evangelicals are the least trusted religious group in New Zealand. A release gives the number of Hindus in New Zealand at 89,000.
Meanwhile, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, commended the Hindu community in New Zealand for showing up towards the higher end of trustworthiness in this survey and continuing with the traditional values of hard work, higher morals, stress on education, sanctity of marriage, etc.; amidst so many distractions.
Rajan Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, advised Hindus to focus on inner search, stay pure, explore the vast wisdom of scriptures, make spirituality more attractive to youth and children, stay away from the greed, and always keep God in your life.
Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, has about 1.1 billion adherents and moksh (liberation) is its ultimate goal.

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