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Bhagavadgita As A Featured Dance Production

Bijoy Misra

Bhagavadgita as a featured dance production –
India Discovery Center fundraising concert, Sept 21, 2019

The Bhagavadgita has been a book of India’s message to the humanity.  All conflicts and anxieties are local, we have to do our duty, we must move on.  Life is a flow, it is not what appears in the immediate neighborhood, but life is cosmic.  We are all connected through a string of life that flows everywhere, controls everything.  Our local self or activities have little consequence to the scale of the universe.  The best we do is to appreciate the continuity of our life and engage in our activities to the best of our abilities with a deep sense of equanimity.  To develop the equanimity is the yoga in life.  Through equanimity we immerse ourselves in the universe with the joy of life and living.

To analyze this message or to contemplate further has been the efforts of scholars and philosophers all over the world.  Rarely the message has been compiled in an artistic presentation such that it can be visually depicted.  There have been friezes of the episodes from the book, but the undulations in the human mind can only have dynamic visualization with intensity and grace.  Such is the production Saptavarna, led by Guru Padmasri Aruna Mohanty, the renowned Odissi dance teacher and performer from India.  Mind has many strands, seven of which are contained in the new production, choreographed by dance exponents in different dance traditions.  The eighteen-member troupe with a full production team on stage, costumes and lighting make the Saptavarna production the best that India has produced to spread her message through art.

Guru Mohanty started her life as a stage artist and gravitated to dance through the encouragement of her teacher late Guru Padmasri Gangadhar Pradhan of Orissa Dance Academy http://orissadanceacademy.org/.  Guru Gangadhar was the foremost mardala player in Orissa and toured New England with the renowned dancer Padmasri Sanjukta Panigrahi with a performance at Sanders Theater in Harvard University in October, 1984.  He went on to produce the elaborate Konarka Dance Festival with the onsite frescoes beginning 1986.  http://konarkfestival.com/.  Guru Aruna Mohanty continues the tradition set by Guru Pradhan in exploring the intense mudra abhinaya choreographed into the Odissi style of dance.  Guru Mohanty’s earlier tour to Boston in 2013 was reviewed by Dr Susan Moore of Harvard University  http://www.lokvani.com/lokvani/article.php?article_id=9050  The complete list of the teachers and the participants in the production of Saptavarna can be viewed at the site http://www.saptavarna.org/  Saptavarana tour is made possible through the efforts of Indo-American association of Houston, USA.

The presentation of Saptavarna is the first fundraising effort by India Discovery Center, an effort to create an educational resource for the youth and the public in the new world.  The tickets for the concert are distributed by Lokvani at  https://bit.ly/31FM8z0  Discounts codes are available for artists, students, teachers, seniors and community volunteers.  Please check http://www.indiadiscoverycenter.org  to obtain the codes.  All tickets are offered a 10% discount if purchased by August 21, 2019.

India Discovery Center is a 501(c)(3) IRS-approved organization engaged in educational activities in the Boston area and the US.  Questions regarding the concert can be directed to Chandu Shah  chandu420@gmail.com or, to Sanjeev Tripathi sanjeevkt@hotmail.com or, to Hardik Dixit dixithardik@gmail.com or, to Satyendra Sharma satyendra99@gmail.com, or to Bhavani Venkineni vaniv9@gmail.com.  Questions on India Discovery Center and volunteer participation can be directed to Bijoy Misra at misra.bijoy@gmail.com



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