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IAGB Executive Committee 2019-2021: Call For Nominations


The current term of IAGB Executive Committee (EC) will end in September 2019 and elections will be held to elect an EC for 2019-2021. The election will comprise four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and up to fifteen directors and will be held in September 2019.

IAGB members and supporters may nominate individuals to serve in various positions on the EC 2019-2021. An Election Committee, comprising of senior IAGB members and ex-Presidents has been established to oversee the election process.

Nominating Committee:
Mr. Rajinikanth Malipat
Ms. Rita Shah
Dr. Anil Saigal 
According to the current by-laws, following is the eligibility criteria to be considered for candidates to the EC:
  • Candidates must be current, valid members of IAGB;
  • Candidates for President and Vice President shall have served on the IAGB EC for at least one full term prior to being elected;
  • Candidates for Secretary, Treasurer and Director shall have been Voting Members of the Association for at least one year as of 15th of June of the year of election (i.e., as of 15 June, 2018).
The nomination submission should include the following:
  • Brief statement by the nominee candidate accepting the nomination and pledging to abide by the Bylaws of the Association
  • Brief bio of the candidate, with particular emphasis on his/her contributions to IAGB in the past, his/her vision for IAGB, and how the candidate expects to realize that vision;
  • Details of his/her membership (Life/Annual, primary member name, date)
  • Package of SEVEN completed nomination forms (email nomination is acceptable also) from IAGB members nominating the individual for the selected position (Officer/Director)
Nominations should be submitted no later than midnight of August 25, 2019 per the details provided below.
Nominations should be sent to:
Sanjay Sahasrabudhe (IAGB Treasurer)
Aditi Taylor
(IAGB President)

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