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Odisha's Rasagola

They say, All's Well That Ends Well and indeed, it became true for the long-run battle over ‘Rasagola’ between West Bengal and Odisha. The controversy over the scrumptious dessert resulted in a sweet ending for Odisha when it received the geographical indication (GI) tag for the famous eastern sweet. Odisha rasagola is made of cottage cheese and has a distinct colour and texture of its own. Chena is cooked in sugar syrup to get a soft and juicy consistency. Its unique colour is due to the caramelized sugar and distinct method of cooking that makes for a mouth-watering delicacy.

Not only rasagolla, desserts, in general, have always been a quintessential part of Odisha’s rich culture. So, if you ever happen to visit this beautiful eastern state then don’t forget to try their unique sweets.

Here’s a list of 10 utterly delicious sweets that you must try during your stay there.

Arisa pitha

Kheer Sagar

Kheera Gaja

Chhena Jalebi

Chhena Jhili


Chhena Poda


Chhena Gajaa



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