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Opinion: A Republican Viewpoint

John Kunthara

The time has come for many Indians to reevaluate the political support they are giving to the Democratic Party in the US. The Republican Party has realized that they have alienated many minorities in this country whether consciously or not in the past. The Republican Party has started a sincere effort to court minorities into the party. The recent immigration policy proposed by President Bush is clear evidence of that. This proposal is mainly aimed at bringing more Hispanics into his party. We all know that very soon Hispanics will become the second majority after white Americans in this country. Indians can not blindly follow the Democratic Party believing that they will solve all the problems here and back in India for us. We Indians should quit thinking that the Republican Party is a party for the rich and the racist. Most Indians in this country by no means are poor. Most Indians in this country are not discriminated based on their color or race. What I am seeing, based on the political atmosphere in the US today, is that the Republican Party is positioned to control both branches of the government for a long time to come. We Indians should work hard to get a place and voice in the Republican Party.

I have noticed the phenomenon for some time that, Indians in the US, citizens and non citizens' tend to support the Democratic Party in this country. I have given so much thought on this subject to find out why.

On numerous occasions I have engaged in discussions with many resident Indians about this issue. Most of the time the discussion will lead into personal praising of the past and present leaders in the Democratic Party and ridiculing past and present leaders in the Republican Party.

Most Indians I talk politics with think that for some reason if the Democrats are in power in this country, everyone will make more money, all will be taken care of, and the discrimination will magically end. The Republican Party is perceived as the party of the filthy rich, racists, and bigots.

Let me discuss a few issues that commonly affect all people. First of all, taxes. I still need to meet one Indian who is happy to pay taxes or who doesn't complain taxes are so high. If I tell them that Republicans are the people you need to support if you want pay less taxes, they simply ignore that suggestion. Second, social issues; most Indians believe in strong families and family values. I can see that in their homes and the way they look at and talk about issues related to homosexuality and abortion. Most Indians do not agree with the wide acceptance and support for these movements in this country. If I tell them the political party you support is the party mainly promoting this type of behavior as normal; again, my opinions fall on deaf ears.

We Indians who have migrated, taken citizenship in this country, and are raising children may still dream about the future involving happily retired lives back in India. Our children, unless someone arrests them, forces them back to India, or locks them up, will never leave this country on a permanent basis. Think about their future. We need to guide them to assimilate into this society with correct and practical political thinking.

(John Kunthara immigrated from Kerala, and runs his own consulting business in Austin, Texas. )

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