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Satsang Center: Patotsav 2019

Sudhir Parikh


Jai SiyaRam!   Thank you for being part of SATSANGCenter's e-mail GoogleGroup..  
You do not have to wait for Regular mail.  
Please mark your calendar for any changes or New Programs:
1. Patotsav is on July 14th.  New Date
2. Guaru Purnima o July 21st @ 5 PM.  New Time.
3.  NEW PROGRAM:   July 16th - Actual Guru Purnima Day -  By Sri Sharadbhai Vyass
and Sugam Sangeet by Dulabhai. From 7 to 9 PM.
4.  NEW PROGRAM :  Sept 2nd :  Picnic from 10 AM
5.  NEW PROGRAM :  Sri Ganesh Katha by Sri Rajendra Giriji from 6 PM.  Sept 2nd thru 8th.

See you with your friends and Family.  Help spread the word .... OM Shantih OM! 


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