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The Most Empowering Moment In One’s Childhood

Vehnil Rangaraman

JagoWorld’s public speaking club is a course where all members are taught the necessary skills to correctly write and present a speech in front of an audience. The curriculum shows how to format a specific essay and the differences between different types of them, such as informative, persuasive, and emotional. JagoWorld’s mission is to “Learn. Serve. Lead,” and its members take that purpose seriously. JagoWorld provides children and young adults with the tools to take action outside of just speaking. The lessons teach kids to sound and look confident while pitching a new idea or presenting a concept to people. The club lasts for nine months from September to June with the last meeting being in front of an audience. This day is called Young Voices Day, or YVD for short, where all members, who have been preparing their speeches by researching, writing, and memorizing, show all they have done. This year, YVD took place at the South Foxboro Community Center and took place around afternoon time.

On June 1st, 2019, members from JagoWorld’s public speaking courses from Sharon and Westboro attended YVD. Members talked about current issues that affect society such as the ineffectiveness of U.S prison systems, the frightening rates of species going endangered, the rise of global pollution, and how the future might not be so bright. While presenting, our two emcees helped us transition and ease the anxiety and tension of the speakers between speeches with outgoing and charismatic small talk. As YVD 2019 came to an end, we had our honorable speaker, Robert B. Lancia, spoke about his time with JagoWorld and how the future is within the young members. After the members spoke about the impact that JagoWorld has had on their personal and professional lives, the attendees began to finish up and started to eat lunch.

JagoWorld brings out the natural leader within everyone and allows them to manifest themselves into the best they can be. YVD enables club members to overcome their stage fright and nervousness. The sound of clapping after one’s speech finishes is one of the most empowering moments in one’s childhood. JagoWorld has left an everlasting impression on many young adults and continues to change the outlook many people have on public speaking. Overall, JagoWorld is a great investment, not only for now but for later in life and I recommend you to enroll your children for the upcoming year.

For more information on summer community outreach and fall admission, please email at enroll@JagoWorld.org or call 857-452-9875.

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