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Akhand Ramayan At Chinmaya Maruthi

Ranjani Saigal

Each year the Akhand Ramayan Path is held at the Chinmaya Maruthi Temple in Andover, MA. The reading of the Ramayana in 24 hours is the culmination of the monthly Sunderkhand Path that is held at the temple. The event was led by a team of volunteers who were brought together by Ritu Gaind, one of the devotees of the temple. 

This year the event was held on May 10 and 11th.  The 24 hour reading of the Tulsi Ramayana is considered to be a very auspicious. It is termed Akhand – reading without any breaks. People take turns in reading the beautiful verses of the Ramayana. 

Each year this event is a divine experience since it brings together a large team that is required to make this happen. Readers, singers, food preparers, priests and other volunteers gather to not only read the Ramayana, but to have intermittent bhajan singing and worship services to the deity.  All attendees were fed as they prayed. 

Dr. Shashi Dwaraknath inaugurated the prayer. The grand finale for the reading was bhajans sung by Laxmi Ramesh, Kumkum Dilwali, Kiran Nath, Ranjani Saigal, Sitaram ji, Ram Bhatt and others filled the air with great divinity. 

“Each year this is a beautiful ceremony but this year the energy was truly amazing” said Ram Bhatt.

Ritu Gaind, the inspiration behind this event, was truly overwhelmed to see how the event came together. She had some health issues as the reading began but by the end she could feel a surge of positive energy and was filled with bliss. 

We eagerly look forward to the event next year. 

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