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Cyber Security Seminar

Press Release

Indian Institutes of Technology Association of Greater New England
Cyber Security Seminar

When:  Saturday May 18, 2019, 2 - 5 PM
Where:  Boston University Innovate@BU
730 Commonwealth Ave
Brookline, MA 02446
Not a single day goes by without the news headlines screaming data breach!  No individual or individual is immune from the scourge of hacking – be that Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Equifax or Marriott or Facebook.. Safeguarding end to end infrastructure and consumer data privacy is at the forefront of every CXO’s agenda and they are losing sleep over this! As we become ever more dependent on the Cloud, how do we protect our most precious assets?

How can one secure autonomous vehicles -- drones, missiles, planes? How can we protect critical infrastructure – utilities, hospitals and financial systems? What about Alexa, Google Home in our homes? Are we doomed to being always one step behind the hackers?

We have assembled an expert panel, who will share their experience with real world examples of how they are addressing these challenges. Engage in a discussion with your peers and professional in the field.

  • Charles Munson, Cybersecurity Researcher, MIT Lincoln Labs
  • Chandra Pandey, CEO & Founder Seceon Inc.
  • Allen Rogers is VP of Engineering, IBM Resilient
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