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23rd Annual India Poetry Reading At Harvard University

Bijoy Misra

23rd Annual India Poetry Reading at Harvard University, May 19, Sunday

-         Call for participation

-       Harvard India Poetry Reading began in 1997 to commemorate the 50th year of India’s freedom.  The concept of multi-lingual assembly was born in that year where readers in most South Asian languages recited material connected to the India’s freedom struggle.  Ms. Catherine Galbraith, the patron of India Studies at Harvard University and Swami Sarvagatananda, the freedom-fighter monk at Ramakrishna Vedanta Society in Boston honored the assembly as Chief Guests.

The Annual India Poetry Reading event has continued since then and is a feature of the poets’ group called South Asian Poets of New England (SAPNE).  The group formed in 2008 has the mission to provide a forum for the writers, composers and poets in any language to express their creative work to a multi-lingual assembly.  The group meets quarterly in public places in the local community and encourages all to participate with new and original compositions.   

You are invited to visit https://www.sapne.boston to learn more about the group.  The group operates currently as a sister organization to the larger India Discovery Center https://www.indiadiscoverycenter.org  The India Poetry meeting serves as the annual assembly of SAPNE.  A folk poetry meet is scheduled in August.  The Fall meeting in November is dedicated as “Voice of the People” and the Winter meeting in February as “Voice of the Mothers and the Youth.”

The 23rd Annual India Poetry meeting is scheduled on May 19, Sunday, at 2 PM at Tsai Auditorium (Room S010) in in CGIS South, Harvard University, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge.  The topic for the afternoon is “Compassion”.  We invite original poems in any language for reading by the author.  New authors and young writers are encouraged.  Please send a poem on the topic to Bijoy Misra at bmisra@fas.harvard.edu for inclusion.  The deadline for submission is May 15, 2019.

We encourage the wider community to celebrate literature through participation and literary appreciation.  Any questions can be directed to Bijoy Misra at misra.bijoy@gamil.com or Chandu Shah depictionmedia@gmail.com

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