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Celebration Of 90 Years Of Dr. Rajkumar – The Kannada Matinee Idol

Press Release

Annavaru, Dr.Raj, Rajkumar, Natasarvabhowma, – the name evokes raw adulation in Karnataka and beyond. The Kannada Cine King reigned supreme from 1954 to 2005 starring in 210 movies, singing more than hundreds of movie and devotional songs. Born in a simple family with very modest means, his influence over the Kannada filmdom was so impactful that he was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke award for his contributions and he also won 13 State film awards. Here, in New England, we will celebrate his contribution to Kannada life and culture on his 90th birth anniversary in style. Kala Tarangini presents an enchanting evening on June 16th, Raj Vaibhava that reminds us of the nostalgic movies and memories of this great legend -an event not to be missed by the Greater Boston area Kannadigas.

Raj Vaibhava promises to showcase various musical genres that Rajkumar has sung in. Be it devotional, mythological, pathos, inspirational, private albums or the evergreen romantic songs – Rajkumar had proven his versatility. The show will an audio-visual musical extravaganza presented by well known singers from Boston and other parts of USA. Audience will also be treated to an array of mimicry, dance and acting that reminds us some of the best movies of Rajkumar.

The event Raj Vaibhava is organized by Kala Tarangini, a non-profit organization based in Boston along with the support of several local teachers and organizations including the New England Kannada Koota (NEKK). This is a fundraiser to benefit ‘Ashraya’, a retirement home for the aged in Mumbai, managed by a 90 years old institution, popularly known as GOKUL. It has established itself as one of the most prestigious and progressive cultural and social organizations in Mumbai.

Ashraya, a home for senior citizens founded in 2008 with the aim of providing a facility for the aged is open to anyone over 60 years of age at subsidized rates. Equipped with modern amenities, it currently has 26 self-contained rooms housing 40 residents, a medical center, well stocked library, banking facilities and much more. The goal of Ashraya is to provide the aged a life of comfort and peace, after a life of hard work and responsibilities. It aims to create an atmosphere where the elderly can lead a life of self-respect, dignity and confidence that comes from being independent.

Today, there is a compelling need for more state-of-the-art senior homes like Ashraya. Ashraya is now at full capacity and has a waiting list indicating the great demand by many who are in dire need of such a facility. Vision 2020 by Ashraya’s parent organization GOKUL aims to meet this growing need and is planning a two-fold expansion to increase its accommodation by 100%. This fundraiser event presented by our community members aims to benefit GOKUL in its initiative with all your kind support and encouragement.

Raj Vaibhava is part of a two-event fundraiser (the other event being Sri Krishna Vaibhava on Saturday, May 11, 2019).  For ticket options, please click the following link: https://tinyurl.com/GokulRajTkts. For more information, please contact Sudhakara Rao at (339) 206-1121 or Rani Dwarki at (908) 246-8644. Or, email gokul.fundraiser@gmail.com.

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