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"I hold in my hand...the future of my world"

Nikita Nadkarni

A sad thing can make you cry
and make your stomach all tight.
You need someone there,
to tell you everything will be alright.
The important thing is
when your feelings make you feel so tense,
to never lose confidence.

Especially after the attack on September 11 we must think,
Of all the people who suffered
We must not let our spirits sink.
We must always stand as one.
and protect each other.
We must not judge people by their skin color.

The future of my world
I now hold in my hand,
we all must help in every way we can.
We must keep peace. .
We should try to stop the war. .
We must keep peace, .
We cannot fight anymore. .

Because of differences we should not fight, .
Our differences on the inside are very slight. .
Whether we have different religions or background, .
We are all humans.
Just as plain as the world is round. .
I am calling all children.
to hold the future with me in my hand.
Together united we stand.

(Nikita Nadkarni is a Fourth Grader in Lexington, MA. She won first place at local level and 4th place at State level in the Reflections Art program run by the Massachusetts State PTA. The theme this year was 'I hold in my hand.....' )

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