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Treat Your Artistic Senses And Meet GOKUL’s Vision 2020

Press Release

A double dhamaka fundraiser is coming to the Boston cultural scene on Saturday, May 11th 2019 and Sunday, June 16th 2019 to benefit ‘Ashraya’, a retirement home for the aged in Mumbai, managed by a 90 year old institution, popularly known as GOKUL. It has established itself as one of the most prestigious and progressive cultural and social organizations in Mumbai, with several projects to its credit including ‘Ashraya’, ‘Sanjeevani Senior Care’ and ‘Vidyanidhi’.

KalaTarangini, a culturally conscious and socially responsible non-profit organization based in Boston, has teamed together an army of well-wishers and friends sharing similar goals for community welfare to present a two-event fundraiser to appeal to both the classical arts lovers and the sandalwood lovers. We are fortunate to have the encouragement and good-will of several local teachers and organizations including NEKK.

‘Sri Krishna Vaibhava’, a meticulously planned evening of Music and Dance for the culturally savvy, is scheduled on May 11th 2019 as an endeavor to showcase our local talents while keeping quality and grandeur in mind! A talented team of musicians and dancers actively involved in the creative process of this production will make this event one-of-a-kind.

Shake a leg to the foot tapping numbers and immerse yourself in the mellifluous melodies of Kannada Superstar ‘Raj Kumar’. In commemoration of Dr. Raj Kumar’s 90th Birthday, join us as we celebrate his legacy and work on June 16th2019. Invited artists will be showcasing evergreen hits along with local talents as part of a live entertainment.

Ashraya- Home for Senior Citizens, founded in 2008, with the aim of providing a facility for the aged, is open to anyone over 60 years of age at subsidized rates. Equipped with modern amenities, it currently has 26 self contained rooms housing 40 residents, a Medical Centre with a doctor and a specialist on call 24x7, a well stocked library, banking facilities and much more.

The goal of ‘Ashraya’ is to provide the aged a life of comfort and peace, after a life of hard work and responsibilities. It aims to create an atmosphere where the elderly can lead a life of self-respect, dignity and confidence that comes from being independent. The home is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to cater to the special needs that come with advancing age.

Today, there is a compelling need for such well administered and state of the art ‘Senior Homes’ such as Ashraya. Having come a long way since inception, Ashraya is now at full capacity and has a waiting list indicating the great demand by many who are in dire need of such a facility. Vision 2020 by Ashraya’s parent organization GOKUL aims to meet this ever-growing need and is planning a two-fold expansion to increase its accommodation by 100%.

To fulfill GOKUL’s Vision 2020, KalaTarangini has stepped up with this idea of bringing out local talents while channeling 100% of the profits towards this cause. This major project cannot be undertaken without financial assistance from philanthropists like you. Your participation and support in the form of generous donation will go a long way in the support of Ashraya. Ashraya assures you that every bit of your contribution will be meticulously utilized towards the implementation of above project.

Mark your calendars for both these events and stay tuned for more information about ticketing!

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