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Harish Tekriwal Wins $5,700 Dartmouth Grant

Press Release

Harish Tekriwal, a student at Dartmouth College, has been chosen for a prestigious energy grant.

Tekriwal and fellow student Bill Cui have been awarded a one-year seed grant by Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Their proposal was among nine-energy related proposals that received the grant.

Cui and Tekriwal were chosen for their project “Constructing Effective Demand Response Programs in New Hampshire’s Electric Market.”

Both the students, who are expected to graduate in 2021, will be using their grant money to study “demand response,” an economic concept that involves energy markets incentivizing consumers to lower their demands during peak hours of energy consumption and thus contributing towards reduction of energy usage.

“I think I’ve had a continued interest in energy because it’s an incredibly complicated market,” Tekriwal told the college newspaper The Dartmouth. “I know it’s going to be really [important for] the future, trying to figure out how to deal with our country’s energy needs. It’s something that’s intellectually stimulating, something that’s really cool to be talking about right now.”

Tekriwal was also quoted as saying by the paper that they plan on looking at energy generators in the Upper Valley and meeting with people from the regional electricity provider ISO New England to discuss demand response. Before studying quantitative social science at Dartmouth, Tekriwal graduated from Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies.

He has also worked as an intern at Division of Analytics and Surveillance (DAS) in Federal Regulatory Energy Commission where he worked towards developing and presenting to division a database that checks “virtuals transactions” data that FERC obtains against ISO’s publicly available data in order to identify possible data reporting errors.

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