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Dr. Pratibha Shah: My Ayurveda Open House

Press Release

My Ayurved LLC is pleased to announce the opening of its office in Danvers, MA. We are very excited to bring comprehensive and complete health and wellness solutions to the Boston and North Shore community!

Come join us at our Open House on Saturday, March 16th, 10am-1pm at 17 Overlook Drive Danvers. Say hello to the talented team of holistic practitioners - Pratibha Shah, Kim Valeri and Aparna Joshi. Learn about the range of wellness services including Master Wellness plans, Yoga, Meditation, specialized Indian bodywork, educational seminars, cooking workshops and more, which will be offered by this team.

At My Ayurved, our Mission is to offer Complete, Client-centric, Compassionate and Customized care for each and every client who gives us the honor of guiding their wellness journey. Please call us or email us to start your healing journey today. We offer in person as well as phone/skype consults and have clients all over the country.

We are also excited to share the launch of pure, USDA certified, organic herbs under the name of Swa Stha herbs. Shah will be putting together some custom blends as well, based on her extensive education and over 30 years of practice experience. Stay tuned!

Learn more at - www.myayurved.org
Follow us at - https://www.facebook.com/MyAyurved/
RSVP or reach us at - info@myayurved.org

Ayurveda is considered by most scholars to be the world’s oldest form of continuously practiced system of medicine, dating back to about 5000 years. Ayurveda can be defined as a science that encompasses the knowledge of every aspect of life – health, wellness, lifespan and longevity, epigenetics, anti-aging, healthy transitions and more. It was in Ayurveda that the concepts of personalization as well as prevention were first documented. Ayurveda is an art of daily living that has evolved from deep philosophical, spiritual and practical insights and has been perfected over centuries of practice and wisdom.

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