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INSPIRATION XXIV: 9 Important & Valuable Tips To Meditate By Paramhamsa Yogananda

Sudhir Parikh

Hari OM!  As we were traveling true Karnataka, I missed to send this INSPIRATION Quotes of Paramhamsa Yogananda in the week of Jan 5th.  Jan 5th is his Birthday.   While reading An Autobiography of a YOGI many moons ago, what impressed me the MOST was this incident.  Must watch this Video for 7 minutes.    Story of a Silver Cup: 


At the time Swami Vivekananda stated on Sept 11, 1893 to mr. Dickinson, Yogananda was only 8 months and 6 days young.  His birthday is 5th January 1893.   I came across this 9 Important and Valuable Tips to Meditate during 2018, I decided that I will use that as INSPIRATION around Jan 5th 2019 issue. 

May these tips Inspire the reader to pursue Meditation Sadhana regularly and attain the highest ... 

INSPIRATION XXIV:  9 Important & Valuable Tips to Meditate by Paramhamsa YOGANANDA

#1.  To meditate a Short time with depth ... is better than to meditate for long hours with the mind running wild.  In the beginning, therefore, don't force yourself to sit for a long time.  Strive for shorter. but deeper meditations.    Then gradually. as you become deep, lengthen the time you sit in Meditation.

#2.  Don't feel badly if you ... find yourself restless to meditate deeply.  Calmness will come in time, if you practice regularly.   Just never accept that meditation is not for you.  Remember, Calmness is your eternal, true Nature.

#3.  A Disciple was having difficulty... with his Meditations.  He asked Sri Yogananda,  "Am I not trying hard enough?"  Master answered, "You are trying too hard.  You are using too much WILL POWER.  It becomes nervous.  Just be Relaxed and Natural.  As Long as you try to meditate, you won't be able to, just as you can't sleep so long as you will yourself to sleep.   Will Power should be used gradually.  Otherwise, it may become detrimental.  That's why it is better in the beginning to emphasize relaxation."  Do not get excited or impatient in your efforts to find God.   Be wholeheartedly, but Not anxious about getting results.  Be patient.  Move toward your divine goal ever calmly with tranquility. 

 #4.  A Devotee was having difficulty remaining Awake ... during Meditation. To him, Yogananda made this suggestion:  Squeeze your eyes shut several times, then open them wide and stare straight ahead.  Repeat this practice once or twice more.  If you do this, sleepiness will cease to bother you.  

#5.  In Meditation, try to go beyond thinking ... As long as thoughts enter the mind, you are functioning on the conscious level.  When dreaming, you are in sub-consciousness; then you are more aware in the astral body.  When your consciousness withdraws still more deeply, into super consciousness, then you are centered in Bliss, in the spine.  In that Bliss-state you are aware in the causal body, the Soul.    for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy.   If, then, you experience mental resistance during meditation, remember that reluctance to meditate comes from the ego; it does not belong to the Soul.

#7.  One who wants to be Concert Pianist .... will practice at piano twelve hours a day.  If, instead, his practice consists of pecking half heartedly at the keys for a few minutes every day, he will never become any good pianist. That's how it is with the search for God.  How can you expect to know him if you only half try.  It is very difficult to reach God.   If even a concert pianist must work hard to become successful in his profession, how much more earnestly must the devotee "work" at the mediation in order to realize the Infinite!  Here, however, is an encouraging thought:  Everyone who makes a sincere effort on the spiritual path will surely reach his Goal.  You cannot say that of worldly, ambition.  Not everyone can become a famous pianist, no matter how hard he tries.  For in every field, there is room at the top for very few.  All men, however, can claim their son-ship equally with the Heavenly Father.

#8.  Try to feel, when walking out of Doors ... that everything around you is part of your own expanded awareness.   Behold the leaves trembling on the trees, and try to feel their movement.  Imagine in that movement that God is expressing his thoughts and inspirations. Watch the meadow grasses as they wave in the wind.  Imagine the breeze as God's breath blowing over the world, inspiring all beings and giving them life. Listen to the birds singing.  Feel that God, through their songs, is trying to reach you with feelings of Divine gladness.  Be aware of the sun's rays on your skin.  Think of the heat you feel from the sun as God's energy.  Let it fill your body with vitality and power. Imagine divine energy, through the sunlight, strengthening creatures everywhere on earth.

#9.  Meditate more and more deeply , until ... calmness joy become second nature to you.  To be Ecstatic is not difficult.  It is thinking that it is difficult, that holds you apart from it.  Never think of Divine joy as distant from you, and it will be with you always. 

Based upon Swami Vivekananda Channel :


 Compiled by Sudhir Parikh of SATSANG Center and Nataraja Yoga Center. Jan 17th, 2019.

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