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Revolutionary New Bathroom Product Hits Market

Veena Pillai

A Healthy Life product, Fresh Wash Healthy Life, is easy to install and useful for essential hygiene. This fixture, an advanced and sophisticated form of electronic toilet seat, has several models and can be installed for use with cold or warm water. In addition to saving bathroom tissue, Fresh Wash Healthy Life enhances personal cleanliness and helps to treat common medical conditions.

This product supports hygiene for the whole family, proving effective for pregnant women, for hygiene after sex, for women during postpartum recovery, for patients with hemorrhoids or constipation, for patients with infections of the urinary tract, for treatment of genital diseases, for elderly and handicapped people, for long-term hospital patients.

Dr. Dwarakanath, well-known in New England, recommends Fresh Wash and has bought many fixtures for family and friends.
Dr. Omprakash, an Infectious disease doctor who bought 4 for home bathrooms, emphasizes the product’s convenience for both kids and elders. Dr. Omprakash notes that users of Fresh Wash will feel pure in the shrine room and elsewhere.
Mr. Paul V. Paul said, “I was so impressed by the product and its uses that I started a dealership called Comfort in Style.” Dr. P J Joseph, an oncologist in RI who bought the Fresh Wash, said, “Fresh Wash is hygienic, and I would like to recommend it to all my friends and patients.”

Fresh Wash is reasonably priced, different models ranging in price from $250 for the non-electronic model to $600 for the fully electronic fixture. Outside sources for this product routinely charge $1200 to $1500 per fixture and offer only a one-year warrantee. The Healthy Life Company offers a full two-year warrantee.

When you call the advertised phone number for Fresh Wash, you will speak with an agent who can arrange installment of the product. You will be given 30 days in which to pay. If you are not satisfied with Fresh Wash, full refund will be provided.

For information in OK, TX, and KS, call Saji Nair at 405.613.1829; Saji Nair has a dealership in those states. For information about Fresh Wash in the New England area, please call Paul V Paul at 617.628.4558 / 617.218.7405 or Omprakash or Veena at 860.683.0224. The Web Site address: www.hlifebidet.com

( This is a paid advertisement. )

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