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Lokvani Talks To: Year In Review Part II

Lokvani Team

Lokvani Talks To Shankar Hegde
In his book American Ajja, Hegde describes his life's journey that begins in a humble household in a village in Karnataka to becoming a successful entrepreneur in New England. He tells about his book and about how his personal experience makes him believe that Ekal Vidyalaya is doing the right thing to make an impact.

Lokvani Talks To Hemali Shah
My passion for working with the senior population stems from growing up in a culture that promotes respect for elders and an opportunity to be raised by our grandparents - Hemali Shah, Senior Services Coordinator at the Lexington Senior Center.

Lokvani Talks To Vikram Krishnamachari
Vikram Krishnamachari, rising senior at Tufts University is co-President of MITHAS. Under the leadership of this young man this organization has grown. "It truly is amazing to see how Vikram has transformed MITHAS. All our concerts are very well attended and the organization does not loose money" says, Dr. Hari Arthanari, the other co-president. Vikram talked to Lokvani about MITHAS.

Lokvani Talks To Jaya Pandey
Jaya Pandey who is actively engaged in promoting awareness about Autism and building a network for Indian mothers who have special needs children, describes her own journey as the parent of child who is diagnosed with Autism and talks about her work in the field.

Lokvani Talks To Manas Chatterjee
President and CEO of GXT Green, a company that develops and manufactures sustainable, low carbon, low cost, replacement for plastics resin and foam packaging. He talked to Lokvani about the company and the possibilities it holds for impacting the environment in positive ways.

Lokvani Talks To Vision-Aid Team
The most anticipated dance event of the year, the annual Vision-Aid dance drama production Karna will be presented on Sunday, July 22 at the Littleton High School Auditorium at 4:00 pm. Coproducers Suja Meyyappan, Jeyanthi Ghatraju, Thenu Rajan, Hema Iyengar and Sripriya Natarajan Moorthy talk about the production which is created by Guru Madural R. Muralidaran.

Lokvani Talks To Aarathi Rao
Aarati Rao was selected on the International Antarctica Expedition 2016 as a Climate Change Ambassador from India to understand the ground realities of Climate Change and witnessed melting glaciers in the last known wilderness on earth,

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