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Another Name For Elegance - Pashmina


We don’t know a single individual who will not relish an elegant gift from his/her beloved.

Head over to Mela for one of-a- kind, exclusive gifts for all the loved ones on your list. Mela is an unique boutique featuring exclusive Pashmina shawls, Designer Indo-western outfits & traditional Indian wear, paintings by award-winning artists, silver gift items and so much more. Visit Mela once and you may never shop elsewhere for authentic gifts items. Here is what Manushi Khasgiwala of Mela has to say about Pashmina.

Pashmina, also known as the “soft gold of high Asia,” is the finest, softest, and warmest wool found in nature.
Pashmina comes from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat that lives in the remote regions of Himalayas. Each winter these goats grow a thin, plush inner coat of hair that insulates them against the cold, harsh winters of the Himalayas. During the summer, this undercoat is shed and collected by local villagers and used to create Pashmina shawls. Each Pashmina hair is 1/6th the diameter of human hair. The fibers are hand-woven by the skilled weavers of Kashmir to produce beautiful shawls, stoles & wraps. The annual growth of 3 goats is required to produce one Pashmina shawl. These goats are not harmed in the process of producing Pashmina, as it is collected after being naturally shed.

Ladies of the 18th century court in France as well as Mogul emperors were enchanted by the regal texture and warmth of this fine fabric becoming heirlooms which they passed on from generation to generation. A unique quality of Pashmina is that it becomes softer with each use making it gentler on the skin. Three hundred years later, Pashmina remains an essential part of a fashionable wardrobe, attesting to the durability and appeal of this classic accessory.

In winter, Pashmina shawls are fabulous worn over a coat. They may be worn draped completely over the shoulders to give the most coverage or folded lengthwise and draped around the shoulders to give more of a stole-like effect. They look equally elegant worn low on the arms with eveningwear. These unique and rich shawls are destined to become heirlooms as they were for aristocracy.

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