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South Asian Poets Of New England - 'Voice Of The People'

Bijoy Misra

Poets write about nature, ideas, philosophy, society and life.  A poem relates to personal reflection or connecting the self to the universe.  Poets use metaphors to narrate events, create understanding, help raise emotion.  Empirical observations become folk ballads that live as mainstay in the cultures.  Some of the folk ballads transcend localities and wrap the humanity at large.

Amid the poems live the individuals.  The individual is a farmer, he/she is a carpenter, an artisan, a cobbler, a blacksmith, a tradesman, a cook or a person who survives by offering service to others. These individuals build temples, construct roadways, cultivate fields and protect the land.  They form the work force of a nation.  They create the wealth for the nation. They sacrifice their life to keep the nation safe.

South Asian Poets of New England wishes to offer its Fall meeting to celebrate the life of the “individual” through a program “Voice of the People”.    We look for poems in all languages that speak of the life of the “person’, his/her dream, aspirations, his/her family, love, hope and philosophy.  History remembers the Kings and the leaders, we wish to celebrate the “man”.

“People” are us.  We look for our own voice, our likes, dislikes, favors, disfavors, thoughts, imaginations, and our aspirations.   We can write it on our own or dig our memory to locate a piece that has influenced our thinking.  When the sound echoes, we hear our voice.  If a poem has influenced us, it has association with our core.  Please bring such a poem and recite it.  You can translate or explain in English to help understanding.

Please join the event at Lexington Public Library on Sunday, November 18, at 2 PM.  The announcement is at https://www.sapne.boston .  Please connect to Chandu Shah chandu420@gamil.com or Sanjeev Tripathi sanjeevkt@hotmail.com or me misra.bijoy@gmail.com  for participation.

South Asian Poets of New England (SAPNE) was formed in 2008 and had roots in India Poetry Reading at Harvard University that commenced in 1997.   SAPNE operates as a sister organization to India Discovery Center http://www.indiadiscoverycenter.org, which has the broader mission of creating an educational center for the youth and the public.

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