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Triveni School Of Dance Showcases Its 42nd Annual Indian Classical Dance Show

Rimi Chaudhuri

On Sunday, October 21st, the historic Strand Theatre in Dorchester became the ornate backdrop for the 42nd Annual Recital presented by Triveni School of Dance in Brookline, MA.  Every year and open to the public, over 300 students with their families and friends converged to celebrate an entire year’s worth of training, dedication, and passion in the three forms of Indian Classical Dance:  Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi.

In keeping with tradition, the recital commenced with a prelude, the youngest performers debuted the first dance they had learned in Bharatanatyam style.  As the sweet chimes of the ankle bells echoed through the theatre, the spirited dancers adorned in their brilliant costumes and jewelry; performed a total of 20 dances.  In addition to the variety of dance styles, the recital exhibited a range of dances in complexity as it crescendoed to more difficult pieces that displayed the drama and grace of the upper body in sharp contrast to the lower with its intricate footwork, which served to maintain the beat of the music.  The recital concluded with an extraordinary performance by Triveni’s senior most dancers, the Ensemble.  They served as an inspiration to the younger performers and indulged the audience in the authentic art form.

While the annual recital provided a glimpse into the extensive repertoire of Indian classical dance, the audience grasped the magnitude of the event at the very end.  Over 300 students gathered on stage resembling a field of vibrant flowers and their smiling faces indicative of their euphoric sense of accomplishment.  In the center stood the pillar of Triveni School of Dance, Neena Gulati, Founder & Director, who thanked her staff and embraced all of her students as if her own children.  Every year Neena Gulati also utilizes this amazing platform to award certificates to those dancers who have graduated or performed their Arangetram the previous year. 

Many audience members commented on the flawless recital and particularly, the emotional conclusion:

“The annual show was awesome and went very smoothly. I always get teary eyed when you hug your students while giving their certificates. That one gesture speaks volumes of the love you have for your students and the passion you have for this art. I feel so fortunate that both my girls have learned this art form under your love and guidance.”  --Deepika Sharma 

“It was amazing to watch so many beautiful dances. I was just awed with the efforts that you put in to pull off such an exhaustive/elaborate event. No amount of words are enough to Congratulate you Neenaji and your entire team.” –Tushar Pandit  

“Thank you for yet another wonderful year in dance. A big thanks to your unfettered dedication, your supportive family for encouraging you to pursue your vision, and your wonderful team for helping you materialize it.  We were discussing over dinner yesterday, after the performance and the girls about how enriching the years in dance have been. The girls have benefited in terms of the community feeling, learning about Indian mythology and more importantly, the meditative aspect of dance. Thank you for your kindness and we hope they continue to train under your kind tutelage.” --Veena Reddy

The accolades from parents and friends to the enthusiastic participation of the students and staff are a tribute to Neena Gulati and her devotion to the arts and community.  We look forward to next year’s Triveni School of Dance’s annual recital in the fall.

(Photo Credits: Naga Gandham Photography. )

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