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Indian Americans Host A Reception For A Visionary Governor For The Commonwealth

Ramesh Advani

Indian Americans host a reception for a visionary Governor for the Commonwealth

Jay Gonzalez, the Democratic Party candidate for the Governor of Massachusetts, is a man with a vision – a vision that talks about the future of our lives here in the Commonwealth for everyone. This past Sunday, a group of activists and community leaders co-hosted a reception at Dharani in Woburn and heard his plans. It was well attended by those who are not satisfied with the status quo and want to ask the hard questions about what matters in our daily lives.

Jay is not your well known politician. But neither was Charlie Baker a few years ago. Jay spoke about his vision for all of us and a progressive agenda for improving transportation, healthcare, women’s and immigrants’ rights.  He is a clear contrast to our current Governor. Baker claims to support the right of a woman to choose and be in favor of gun safety but is urging voters to support Geoff Diehl, a candidate for the US Senate, who does not support a woman’s right to choose, wants to repeal Obamacare and is supported by the NRA.

Jay’s slogan “Aim High” resonated with the attendees. Living with a middle of the road status quo administration, as Gonzalez pointed out is not good enough. Being satisfied with a Governor who does not tweet or incites discord is somewhat delusional. A new Governor, who will focus on what we believe is our leadership position build on our values, is what Massachusetts needs. The state that gave the nation the lead on universal health care, equal rights for gay and lesbian marriage and led the revolution when the nation was founded has become a “don’t rock the boat” place.

Jay Gonzalez spoke of very specific area of improvement with a plan to fund these public initiatives.     

Public Education & Early Education and Care
          Give every child and family access to quality, affordable childcare and preschool by the end of his first term; invest in the workforce by increasing salaries and providing a comprehensive workforce development system; fully fund our public education system; and work to provide debt-free college for those who attend public higher education

      Transform the nation’s worst system by raising revenue from the wealthy to invest new resources into the MBTA to fix it expand service to underserved communities; bring commuter rail under the direct control of the MBTA to improve accountability; invest in regional transit authorities; support innovative solutions to address our traffic problems like a proposed congestion pricing pilot that would reduce tolls for off-peak driving

 The Environment
       Make us the first state to adopt carbon pricing; accelerate our transition to renewables; reclaim our spot as #1 creator of solar jobs; restore 1% of the state’s budget to parks and environmental programs

Mr. Gonzalez, who was Deval Patrick’s Secretary of Administration & Finance and is a former Health Insurance company CEO has similar professional credentials as Gov. Baker.  But he understands the need to have a leader with a vision and work to make a bold agenda happen. He urged the attendees to get out and vote on November 6th and get those who care about the next 4 years aiming higher to do the same.

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