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IMANE Doctors Provide Free Health Care

Ranjani Saigal

NOTE: If you are anyone you know has a medical emergency, you can go to any nearby hospital and you will get minimum care even if you have no insurance and lack the ability to pay.

Health care for all is a problem that continues to challenge our nation. People who have lost jobs, family members visiting from India are all part of the group of people who have no easy access to health care. The clinic at the Emmanuel Methodist Church, cosponsored by IMANE is an attempt by local doctors to provide out patient services to indigent patients. Dr. Onaly Kapasi, the President of IMANE and his wife Dr. Chander Kapasi(former President of IMANE) invited Lokvani to see the clinic in action. The tour was an eye-opener for it clearly brought out the kindness of the doctors and the challenges involved in providing such a service.

The clinic was originally started by the Emmanuel Methodist Church. We desperately needed help and the offer of support from IMANE came as a boon to us says Dr. Richard Daly who was one of the founders of the clinic at the church. This collaboration is part of IMANEs continuing efforts to provide care in a viable manner. We feel that we can add a lot of value to such clinics. The membership of IMANE boasts some of the finest physicians in New England. By adding their services to such clinics we can do our little bit to help those in need says Dr. Onaly Kapasi.

The clinic located on 545 Moody Street is held in the basement of the church and is open every Monday from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. It is closed on long weekends. Dr. Chander Kapasi, Dr. Apurv Gupta, Dr. Deepa Jhaveri, Dr. Pooja Tandon, Dr. Munnir, Dr. Manorama Mathur, Dr. Anup Singh and Dr. Ruchi Gupta volunteer their time at the clinic on an as needed basis.

We provide not just care but free medicines as well. Our patients cannot afford to buy medicines says Dr. Kunwar Singh. The staff also includes four nurses and a Spanish interpreter who volunteer their time. We also have a network of specialists who have promised to see one patient a month in their clinics said Dr. Kapasi.

Is this a place where we can bring parents and other visitors from India who may not have insurance? Yes. There is a variety of patients who come to see us. We do not discriminate nor do we question people on their backgrounds and ability to pay. said Dr. Kapasi.

During my visit, I saw a Hispanic family getting a physical exam for their child for school purposes. Yet another patient was getting his blood pressure checked. An Indian senior citizen came to get a prescription for a medication. The clinic was serving a diverse population.

So how can the community support this effort? We need allied health services. People who are dieticians or physiotherapists can add great value to this facility. said Dr. Chander Kapasi.

What is the future for such services from IMANE? We understand that the health care problem is a very big one. But we are taking small steps to provide help. We hope we can collaborate and open other free clinics in different areas. As I left the facility I could see that this team of doctors had their hearts and heads at the right place.

Lokvani thanks the doctors for their service and wishes IMANE the best of the luck in all their endeavours.

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Dr. Chander Kapasi, Dr. Onaly kapasi, Dr. Apurv Gupta, Dr. Munnir, Dr. Kunwar Singh

Dr. Onaly Kapasi, Dr. Rick Daly with a patient

Nurse Joan Millian with a young Hispanic patient and a Spanish interpreter.

Doctors from IMANE and YPS

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