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INSPIRATION XVIII: Be Proud Of Hindu Culture

Sudhir Parikh

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnana (First Vice President and second President of India, and a Great Scholar) observed:  We find it difficult, if NOT impossible to define What is Hindu Religion or even adequately describe it.  Unlike other religions in the world, Hinduism does NOT claim any prophet, NOR worship any one GOD.  How many Gods, Nobody knows. Some declares even themselves as GOD. Then there is No Problem! That is the greatness of Hindu Philosophy.  Aham – Bhrahmasmi – I am God!  Adding some more Gods is NO problem!  That only Hinduism can do it!  It does NOT claim any one prophet, It does NOT worship any one God, It does NOT subscribe to any one Dogma. It does NOT believe anyone Philosophy-Concept, It does NOT follow any one sect's religious rights or performances. In fact, it does NOT appear to satisfy Narrow Traditional features of any other religions or creed. It broadly can be described as a WAY OF LIFE!  NOTHING MORE!  This is what Dr. Radhakrishnan Said. 

Hindu (Hindutwa) is a Way of LIFE!  Jivan Paddhati – A way of living! You have a Roti (Bread), to eat is our Prakruti - Nature.  To snatch away from someone and eat is Vikruti – against Nature. And to share with other Hungry people is Samscruti – Culture, that is Bharatiyata, that is Hindutwa.  That is 'To Share and Care" is the Core of Hindu Philosophy.  – To share and care! Call it by any name – Bharatiya Culture, Hindu Culture .... This has been what existed for 1000's of year in this SACRED Land.

What are the Essential Facets of Way of Life:  Let me outline a few of them as it appears to me.

1.  First and Foremost is the Breadth of our Vision :   Verses from Hitopnishad provides the Glimse of that Enlarged, Enlightening, all Encompassing View:   "......Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam !"  Entire Universe is one Family.  NOT Indians alone but entire globe is ONE Family. To concern our fellow being as our own and not others reflects the poor understanding.   In Contrast, the enlightened person will see the whole world as ONE Family. 

2. Second Key Principle is: World is the manifestation of the Divine.  All animate and inanimate objects are composed of same element and would have the same Divine Energy within them. Vishnu ( of Hindu Trinity) means Vishwam: Hindu believes Entire Universe is the manifestation of God. God lives in every living – and Non-living entity of the world. (Mother Cow is symbol of reverence for animals.  Snake Worship, Tree Worship etc.)

 As  Ishvasya Upnishad says:  Isha Vasyam, idam Sarvam; yat kim Jagatyaam Jagat; Ten Tyakte na Bhunjitha, Maa Grudhah, Kasya sweed dhanam.  The Divine Principle pervades in every atom of this Universe. So enjoy the bliss of being the part of this Universe, and share the joy of living; bountiful, beautiful and dutiful yet with all your fellow beings and other objects without excessive greed and avarices (insatiable Greed for riches ........ ).  Do not live in fragmented narrow domestic walls.  As Gandhiji stated that nature has enough for all's need but not enough for their Greed!"

(Nice story of his childhood about flying the Birds away from the Farm-fields but save some seeds for feeding them.  Live with all, care for all; including animals, trees, environment; is our Culture! )

(Side notes:  Protect and promote our Mother tongue as the emotions – sentiments can be better explained and expressed.  We can speak and articulate better in our Mother tongue.  Speak in mother tongue among the family.) 

3.  Third aspect is Tolerance and Acceptance of Plurality. Vedic Sages have recognized:  Rigveda says that Ekam Sat, Vipraha Bahudha Vadanti. Truth is one but the Wisemen describe it in different ways. Interpretation is different, Articulation is different, Expression is different but TRUTH is same!  Every ‘ism’ such as agnosticism, atheism has a place in Hindu Religion. 

(Quotes from earlier part of address and what Swami Viveakananda expressed in his inaugural Address to Parliament of Religions in Chicago, some 125 years ago on September 11, 1983; Only Country, accept All religions are True is India.  Gandhiji also wrote a Book on "All Religions are True. So, Sarva Dharm, sambhavna – Respect all religions – is Spirit of this Land.)

4.  Forth is the Aspect is Realization of 'Unity into Diversity".  Swami Vivekananda said that Unity in its Variety is the plan of Nature and Hindus have recognized it.

5.  Fifth Aspect of Hinduism has dynamic capability to Reform, Refine, Reinvent its practices.  Absorb, absolve and to assimilate.  Some of the invaders came to conquer us. Some of them had to go back and others got assimilated. 

(LOVE and Charity for the whole human race is the true test of Religion.) 

 In Hinduism, Women are given very high respect.  Look at the names of our Rivers: they all have women's names:  Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Krishna, Narmada, Tapi and so on .... We call our country Mother India – Bharat Mata.  NOT Bharat Pita – Father India.  

Hinduism provides practical and seamless continuum between inner spiritual world and the outer materialistic world thus bringing great harmony between day-to-day existences...  Tension cannot provide attention.  Peace and Prosperity goes together.…...

MUST WATCH this address:  Fortunately, it is available on youtube: 


Vice President‘s Address | World Hindu Congress, 2018


Vice President‘s Address | World Hindu Congress, 2018

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu addressed the concluding ceremony of the 2nd World Hindu Congress in the US city...

Also Excerpts on his Address by World Hindu Congress:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eGRogM2ejYD3THzli5TuDcCydkChon1K/view     

(Congress here meaning Platform where People come together.  NOT the existing Political Party in India.  Drew great laughter response from Audience!)

Great second Conference in Chicago and KUDOS to the organizers!  See you for Third World Hindu congress in Bangkok, from Nov 4th thru 7th in Bangkok, Thailand.   God bless Sri Naidu and Bharat! 

(Transcribed by Sudhir Parikh of Satsang Center and Nataraja Yoga Center on Sept. 27, 2018. )

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