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Laugh Your Head Off

Sushil Bhatia

Here are ten great reasons to keep on laughing!

1. A 10 Second Belly laugh is as good as three minutes on a rowing machine.

2. Laughing helps to relax. After laughing, the pulse and the heart rate decrease to below normal causing a feeling of relaxation that can last unto 45 minutes

3. Laughter triggers certain chemicals that cause the immune system to kick in.

4. Laughter reduces pain by stimulating endorphins…the pleasure giving chemicals in the body. Endorphins allow temporary relief of pain and negative emotions, which are directly related to illness.

5. Laughing helps with chronic breathing problems by aiding ventilation and by clearing mucous.

6. Joy of laughing brings relaxation, conquers stress and reduces pain.

7. Laughter creates positive thinking and, with relaxation, helps the body to function better.

8. Laughter stimulated the brain as well as the body.

9. With laughter, not only do the facial muscles get a good workout, but the cardiovascular system does also due to the increase in the pulse, breathing and circulation.

10. Laughter stimulates the brain with greater alertness, which can enhance memory and sociability thereby linking wit with wisdom.

(Sushil Bhatia is the Founder of The Laughing Clubs of America. )

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