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Nritya Nipuna: Juhi Lalwani And Foram Patel

Press Release

On July 28th, 2018 at the Littleton High School, Juhi Lalwani and Foram Patel completed their Nritya Nipuna. Under the guidance of Smt. Jasmine Shah their guru, the two girls had been training in the classical dance form of Bharatanatyam for the past 10 years. Nritya (dance) and Nipuna (expert) means one who has mastered the art of dancing. Juhi and Foram were able to showcase all they had been learning through their years of dance to their family and friends on this day. The program kicked off with their siblings as emcees and the two girls performed 8 Bharatanatyam dances. These dances included intense footwork, coordination, vigorous dancing and facial expressions. In one particular dance, they portrayed the Lord Shiva and Parvati, using a mountain prop which represented the Himalayas. Another was a fusion dance; an Indian classical twist on well-known American pop songs. Following intermission, they switched costumes and performed Manipuri, a classical form of dance originating from Manipur. Foram portrayed Krishna while Juhi was Radha. Finally, they performed a beautiful semi-classical dance on a song sung and recorded by Juhi herself. They ended it with an energetic upbeat Garbo (folk dance originating from the state of Gujarat). The event was a success and the girls wowed the audience with their coordination and moves. Juhi and Foram were able to make their dream come true with the help of their Guru Jasmine Shah, and of course their parents who had been working tirelessly to help this program run smoothly. They will continue to love dance and appreciate their culture. More details on juhiforam.com.

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