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Music Arangetram: Sravya Tanikella

Rakesh R. Kapoor

Sravya Tanikella – an emerging Carnatic singer – captivated 250+ people – including music experts from 3 countries at Saint-John’s High School.

Radiant, calm, composed, and obviously enjoying herself,  Sravya Tanikella, the student of Kalaimamani Yogam Santhanam, presented her vocal Carnatic music arangetram at Saint John’s High School on June 30, 2018. For over three hours, non-stop, she captivated an audience full of Carnatic music experts (from India and US) as well a Jazz musician from Canada – who felt obliged to answer with a tune of his own.  And all this at age 14.

Her guru, Kalaimami Yogam Santhanam is the student of ‘Sangeetha Kalanidhi’ Dr. M.L Vasanthakumari who has been a major influence on Carnatic music. Though the guru was not very widely known, the fact that Smt. Yogam Santhanam is the shishya of Dr. MLV set a high expectation for the singer as a whole. The accompanists were also as great: the mridangam was played by Vidwan Papanasam Kumar, the grandson of Papanasam Sivan and the violin was played by Sri Rajeev Mukundan, the shishya of ‘Sangeetha Kalanidhi’ A. Kanyakumari. Smt. Jeyanthi Ghatraju, a popular dance guru in this area, was also there to support on the tanpura that evening. With such musical talent on stage, it was almost certain that the arangetram was going to be quite fabulous.

Sravya started the concert off with a rare varnam in Raga Malavi by Calcutta Krishnamurthy. This gave a great start to a concert as Sravya went onto to sing the popular keerthana ‘Maha Ganapathim’ in Ragam Nattai. She rendered fast kalpana swaras towards the end of the song which really highlighted the mridangam. Next, she sang G.N. Balasubramanian's ‘Saraswathi Namostute’ in Ragam Saraswathi which was followed by Saint Thygaraja’s gem composition ‘Seethamma Mayyamma’ in Ragam Vasantha.

After these songs, Sravya presented ‘Sakala Graha Bala Nene’ by Saint Purandara Dasa in Ragam Atana. In this song, the singer brilliantly explained the various forms of Lord Vishnu, the almighty savior of the world. Sravya wove this song through musical expression and this is the turning point of the concert where Sravya’s skills as an artist were displayed. 

Next, the singer presented ‘Durusuga’ in Ragam Saveri by Sri Shyama Sastry. Among the beautiful selection done by Guru Yogam Santhanam, the Saveri Ragam suited Sravya’s voice the most. She elaborately drew Saveri Ragam out for the audience and presented well-thought kalpana swaras. This was definitely a treat for the audience and the Ragam displayed the MLV style of singing.

After this gracefully rendered composition, Sravya sang ‘Maravairi Ramani’ in Ragam Naasikabooshani as well as the famous ‘Brochevarevarura’ in Ragam Khamas composed by Saint Thygaraja. Next, she sang a rare kriti, ‘Nija Dasa Varada’ in Ragam Kalyani composed by Patnam Subramanya Ayyar which was followed by the heartfelt ‘Innu Dayabarade’ in Kalyana Vasantham by Purandara Dasa.

Next, the Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi was the highlight for this concert for sure. Sravya presented Ragam and Tanam in Ranjani. Despite the intricacies of the ragam, she rode the high and low waves of Ranjani with boldness. After highly energetic Ragam and Tanam, Sravya sang the pallavi ‘Raja Mathangi Pavani Paripurani’ in Tisra Jathi Triputa Talam. Through the complexities of this pallavi, Sravya and the violin played by Rajeev Mukundan beautifully played off of each other. It was a delight to watch on stage.

After the wonderfully rendered Ragam, Tanam, Pallavi, the thukaddas were full of life and happiness. Sravya sang ‘Srinivasa Thiruvenkata’ in Ragam Hamsanandi by Papanasam Sivan; an Jayadeva Ashatapadi which was a ragamalika; a Thillana in Ragashri by the legendary Lalgudi Jayaraman, and lastly a Thirupugazh in ragamalika by Arunagirinadar. At the end of the concert, Sravya along with the accompanists got a roaring standing ovation.

Though Sravya is just fourteen years old, she demonstrated the ability of a rising Carnatic musician. With Vidwan Papnasam Kumar as well as Sri Rajeev Mukundan who supported the musician so well, she had completely awestruck the audience with her bhava and musical skills. I am sure with some good luck, this young musician will be heard in the music world.

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