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NESSP Shirdi Sai Palkhi – A Blissful Experience

Ranjani Saigal

NESSP Shirdi Sai Palkhi – A Blissful Experience

From the year 1910 when Sai Baba was living in Dwarkamai Masjid, he used to sleep in Chavadi. His visit to Chavadi was accompanied by a Palki procession with all dignitaries including Tatya Kote Patil. Today, Sai Temples mimic that legendary Palki procession annually, with Baba’s image and regalia traveling to people’s homes. 

First, a young girl carrying the “Mugam” or Face of Mahalakshmi enters the home. She is worshipped by the people in the home. Baba’s Palkhi arrives into the home and is placed on the floor where an auspicious Swastika of Rice is drawn.  The entourage that travels with the Palkhi starts doing bhajans.  The family does the complete prayer to Baba as they would at the temple. The program ends with the reading of the Sai Satcharitra and with the singing of the Aarti. Attendees are allowed to prostrate at the feet of Baba in the Palkhi. They are given Prasad. 

On Sunday I attended a Sai Palkhi arrival for the first time. It was a truly divine experience. The ambience in the home and the joy felt by each person was infectious. Whatever the mode of mind prior to the Palkhi one felt truly elevated by being in the presence of the Palkhi. 

The travel of the Palkhi to different homes is not easy. Kudos to the volunteers at NESSP who make it happen year after year and allows Baba’s blessing to come to the home of devotees. 

The new temple at NESSP is almost ready. Please check out their website at NESSP.org for further information. 

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