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SAHELI Celebrates Volunteer Appreciation Day!

Press Release

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart!” - Elizabeth Andrew


22 years ago, Gouri Banerjee and Usha Vakil became Saheli’s first volunteers when they started the organization because they cared about the prevalence of Domestic Violence in the community!

Since then, Saheli has empowered thousands of women to rebuild their lives, and live safe and healthy lives free from their abusive partners - a feat that would not have been possible without the backing and support of our community and volunteers!!

On Saturday June 9th, Neelam Wali, Saheli’s Advisory Board member and dedicated long time volunteer who proudly says “Saheli is my baby” and her team organized a beautiful Volunteer Appreciation Day at the Burlington Public Library, bringing together our volunteers and thank them for their hard work, dedication, compassion and selfless service to Saheli!


“Be the change you want to see in the world!”- Gandhi, said Tanu Basu, an active volunteer in the community and speaker for the event. She gave an inspirational speech about the importance of volunteering and doing what we can to help others.


John Morgan was named Saheli’s Volunteer of the Year – 2018. He was recognized for his time and dedication to help run our Waltham computer literacy classes for the last seven years! Saheli offers these free classes every Wednesday evening - in the Spring and Fall, open for anyone to attend. Each session runs for 12 weeks. John Morgan had attended these classes as a student about 8 years ago and found them so beneficial to do his job that he came back to volunteer and help other students!


Cathy Bayer, a gifted and multi talented volunteer at Saheli was recognized for her services to the organization! The highlight of the afternoon was when Cathy sang a beautiful song “Say it with love”, while she played on the harp!

Rajoo and Jonjy Anant - the father-son duo who are an invaluable addition to Saheli’s Domestic Violence Advocates team serving our clients in the Worcester area - were also recognized for their services. Rajoo spoke about the importance of putting others needs before one’s own. He shared his own experiences where he had to drop what he was doing and rushed to help someone who needed a ride, or needed someone to talk to.

Neil Pandit - a rising senior at the Burlington High school is well known in the community for volunteering his photography skills at various Saheli events! As the Vice President of Interact, the BHS Rotary club, he recently chose Saheli as the organization to donate $250. A bright young man with a promising future, Saheli recognized him for his volunteerism!

Several volunteers including Martha Simone and Geeta Muni spoke about their experiences with Saheli. Recently Martha Simone worked with her Jewish congregation and put together summer activity bags for children of Saheli survivors. Geeta Muni, a longtime supporter of Saheli donated generously towards Mother’s Day gift baskets, a new initiative by Saheli this year and volunteered her time to put the baskets together too.

Ranjani Saigal, Saheli’s Advisory Board member spoke about the passion and importance of serving the community. She recognized Rita Shah & Salita Mehta, Saheli’s senior Domestic Violence Advocates for their dedication to the organization.


Saheli’s Board President Supriya Saurabh and Vice President Tanvi Devimane thanked the volunteers for being an integral part of Saheli!


“While it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to raise Saheli and serve our community” said Co-Executive Director Savitha as she thanked the volunteers for supporting the staff to carry out Saheli's mission.

Our volunteers assist with computer literacy classes, advocate for survivors, represent Saheli at outreach events, raise funds, and give their services and precious time to sustain Saheli’s mission to empower South Asian women and their families in living safe and healthy lives.  


If you would like to volunteer at Saheli, please contact us at : info@saheliboston.org.


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