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Program On Healing Group Chanting

Press Release

Upcoming programs at Satsang Center include Program on Healing Group Chanting (6/3), Gayatri Jayanti Celebration (6/10) and Sunderkand (6/21). 

OM Namah Shivay OM!  

Starting this Sunday June 3rd, we will have the first Program on Healing Group Chanting for One Hour @ 5 PM.  

You are invited to join ...

We will chant as follows: 
1.  108 times Maha Mrityunjay Mantra, 
2.  108 Times Gayatri Mantra and 
the rest of the time for 
3.  Shivoham.  

We plan to do this first Sunday of every month for the benefit of People we know and then entire Humanity.  

In Spirit of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam".  Entire Creation is our Family.  
In blessing for All who are suffering from some ailments.  

You are welcome to join.   Also if U know someone who is suffering, plz send their names and / or Pictures.   We will pray for them.  If they cannot make it:  U can / should advise them and wherever they are they can do the same on their own or in small group of their Family and Friends.  

Please join us for collective mantra chanting. Mantras have a lot of physical, mental and spiritual benefits and there is enhanced effect when we do this as a group.

We will also sing Maha - mrityunjaya mantra and other mantras for any of the participants that are sick or having any other suffering. You can also bring a picture of anybody who cannot join us who you would like us to pray for. Our collective mantra chanting will send them a lot of positive energy and will help with their healing, whether they are present in person or in thoughts.

Send an email to harshal_bina@hotmail.com or satsangcenter1@gmail.com  for any inquiries.

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