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Vision-Aid’s 'Golden Armor, Golden Heart' Set To Rock Boston

Press Release

Vision-Aid’s “Golden Armor, Golden Heart” set to rock Boston, raising funds for the visually impaired.

Vision-Aid, a Lexington based non-profit serving the visually disadvantaged has built up a stellar reputation for both its innovative programs to benefit the visually impaired and organizing mega dance productions to raise funds for its cause.

This year’s show, “Golden Armor, Golden Heart – The inspiring story of Karna”, is set to dazzle Boston on Sunday, July 22nd, 2018, at Littleton, MA, and will help Vision-Aid raise funds to support at ten locations In India in 2018.

The Production

Following in the footsteps of 10 brilliant sold-out productions, Vision-Aid’s "Golden Armor, Golden Heart" – is a truly remarkable Broadway-style mega dance production, bringing to life the inspiring story of the greatest unsung hero in Indian mythology – Karna and the show highlights many unique aspects of this timeless Indian epic in a rich and vibrant choreography, produced by renowned choreographer Madurai R. Muralidaran, ably assisted by the best dance talent in the greater Boston area.

The Producer

The concept and choreography for this production is by Madurai R. Muralidaran of Chennai, India, a renowned dance choreographer who has won critical acclaim for his creations in Bharatanatyam. He has over 300 compositions to his credit, including his most recent Boston productions, Krishna (2009), Justice of the Anklet(2010), Slaying of the Demons (2012), The Dancer's Pledge (2014), and The Iconic Avatar (2016) and Charmer, Warrior, Guide (2017) which still has audiences in Boston talking

The Co-Producers

The producer is ably supported by co-producers Jeyanthi Ghatraju, Sujatha Meyyappan,  Sripriya Natarajan Moorthy, Thenu Rajan and Hema Iyengar who have presented many unique productions including Krishna, Justice of the Anklet, Navrasa Nayika, and Nine Pathways to Devotion, The Dancer’s Pledge, and others.

The co-producers are joined by over 50 amazing dancers from the Greater Boston area including senior teachers like Kalpana Balachundhar, Sheethal Dwaraka, Indhra Rajashekar

The Vision-Aid team

The Vision-Aid team comprising of Chair Puran Dang, President Syed Ali Rizvi, Founder Ramakrishna Raju, VP & Co-Founder Revathy Ramakrishna, Treasurer Sudhir Varma and board members Paramesh Garimella, Dr. Bharti Nihalani, Ujwala Phene, Aparna Raghuram, Ravi Rastogi, Alihusain Sirohiwala, Rita Vachani, and Santosh Vempala, along with a large and growing team of volunteers who run its various programs here and in India.

How the funds will be used

Vision-Aid currently offers programs in innovative assistive technology and devices to blind and low vision persons and providing comprehensive rehabilitation and skills training to empower them to reach their full potential. Vision-Aid hopes to raise enough funds from this year’s annual event to not only sustain existing programs, but to expand the existing programs.  In addition, Vision-Aid is expanding its very successful program to teach programming skills and spoken English skills, to the visually impaired to meet the growing demand for this innovative new program, organizing hackathons for the visually impaired, conferences focusing on Assistive Technology and Accessibility and training in programming languages. For more information about Vision-Aid or its upcoming annual event in July, please visit www.VisionAid.org


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