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Chinmaya Akhand Ramayana - Bhakti Unlimited

Ranjani Saigal

(This article is sponsored by Masala Art)

The annual Akhand Ramayan Pat held at the Chinmaya Maruti temple under the leadership of Chinmaya Volunteers Ritu and Jagjit Gaind filled the halls of the temple with the devotional sentiments of the readers. Many considered is a supremely devotional experience where one could feel the grace of Shri Hanuman.

The event was held on May 4 and 5th.  Reading the Ramacharit Manas written by Sant Tulsidas continuously over a 24 hour period is a popular Bhakti tradition.  Akhand – or that which is not split up is a ritual where the devotees gather and read the Ramayan continuously. 

For the devotees, this is a very special occasion.  “I live only with the blessing of Hanuman ji. I have been rescued from the noose of death thrice. I am granted life year to year at the Sundarkhand Pat”, said Ritu Gaind who has been leading the effort year after year. 

The event is a massive undertaking. In addition to having enough readers to read continuously, one needs to provide food for all the attendees. Several volunteers generously donated food – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The priests conducted the prayers at the appropriate times. 

A very special devotee, Pradeep Vasudeven brought the Ramcharit Manas in Kannada Script and read it for the very first time along with his mother Vijaya. “My daughter-in-law is very fond of the Ramcharitmanas and has most of it memorized” says Vijaya, who sat and read for the entire 24 hours. 

The evening ended with singing by the Bhajan Mandali by Sitaram ji and his group. Kiran Nath , Lakshmi Ramesh, Kumkum Mathur, Moolraj Mathur, Sangeeta Saxena and Priti Chakravorthy accompanied by Nishikanth ji and his group brought the evening to a beautiful conclusion. 

A sumptuous meal including Mattar Paneer, Kadhi Chawal , Dahi Bade, Sabji, hot puris made on the premises was distributed to all devotees. 

Every attendee really could feel the Bhakti filled energy in the room that was Akhand - Unlimited. 

We look forward to  the Akhand Ramayan Pat next year. 

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