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Answers to last trivia
1. None other than Preity Zinta
2. Dil Se. (Do you swear you did not look at first question?)
3. Kya Kehna.
4. The magical musical trio is Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Now that Indian cricket team has completed a test series in Australia and piled up more than 700 runs in the fourth test match, shall we talk cricket? When we talk about Indian Cricket, we surely think of Little Masters. Sunil Gavaskar for cricket lovers of seventies and eighties and Sachin Tendulkar for many of us.

Now ready to meet the Sachin Tendulkar today? He may have many records against his name in the record book. And that itself may be a record! How many of them do you remember? Let's begin.

1. You need not go too far in past to answer this. What is the highest individual score for Sachin in Test Cricket?

2. You may not need to go to Karachi to find an answer to this. Name the country Sachin debuted his Test Cricket career.

3. In the scorecards, you often see Sachin's name as 'S R Tendulkar'. Conventionally, for Indian names, the middle initial or name is used for father's name. Do you know what does 'R' stand for in 'S R Tendulkar'?

4. If you have been following Sachin's career, this may not be too tough for you. In which year, Sachin was awarded with 'Wisden Cricketer of the year'?

No, we do not have such award, like 'Wisden Cricketer of the year', but we may have a small reward if you submit the answers to this quiz now. Why don't you score the quick-fire century? Let yours be the first entry with all correct answers to claim an 'Early Bird' prize. Of course there are more prizes for others. Three winners will be chosen randomly from the pool of all correct entries. So, click 'submit' now. Sachin may or may not score a century in VB series, but your name could be in the winners' list.

Please fill the information below and click submit. Your answers should reach us on or before the next issue - that is 01/29/2004.

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Praful Thakkar helped collect trivia questions.

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