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BSL Launches A Luxury Wedding Planning Branch Called Mint To Be Events

Press Release

Boston Sound and Light Company (BSL) is an Indian based entertainment company operating largely in the greater Boston area of which recently launched a luxury wedding planning branch as part of its many offerings called Mint To Be Events.  Mint To Be Events has actually existed for three years now as it spent the time to refine its processes, strategies, people and experience to keep up with the modern bride.  On April 27th, 2018, BSL in partnership with DHG Hotels and Alankar Decorations hosted a Re-Launch Party celebrating Mint To Be Events in the spirit of gearing up for the upcoming wedding season. 

The event was held at the recently renovated, Holiday Inn Bunker Hill in Somerville, MA.  The format of the event began as a networking opportunity for wedding vendors, community friends, and even wedding couples with the basic premise of getting to know each other. The ballroom conveyed an amazing display of Mint To Be featured branding, including an ice sculpture that embedded the Mint To Be logo from within it from Brilliant Ice Sculptures, and a hashtag in lights that spelt "#Mint2B" from Your Love in Lights.  The team even managed to bring in an actual Tuk Tuk rickshaw from Boston Rickshaw Company into the ballroom. 

The agenda was formally introduced and further defined in a presentation led by Yogi Rana and Tanvi Rana, co-founders of Mint To Be Events.   Yogi Rana recited his past experiences of being a child not too far from the hotel where the event was held, citing the he didn't know what being Indian meant as a child, and echo'd the importance of uniting the community, specifically in the wedding market where the bride is getting smarter, and where the competition is getting ruthless. "The onus is on us (wedding vendors) to bring Indian weddings in Boston to a new level," says Rana.  He further explained the value of better understanding today's bride, and how a planning agency, like a Mint To Be Events can bridge the gap of wants and needs, and keep everyone united.  Tanvi Rana then took the inspired crowd into the details of wedding planning.  From budgeting, to creative design, Tanvi walked the crowd through the complexities of what a wedding is.  Guests were also presented with real life stories of two couples of whom had their own weddings planned by Mint To Be Events. 

After the presentation, guests were welcomed back to the main ballroom to party it up with music from Boston Sound and Light Company while having cocktails at the bar, or gourmet coffee from Espresso Dave and soaking in apps from both the hotel and unique creations by Olive and Mint catering.  Other guests took a tour of the venue where they were greeted by amazing Indian decor by Alankar Decor and Indian models dressed in the latest trends of Indian bridal clothing from Shywalk Collections.  The models were dolled up by Flawless Creations by Vidhi, and IndofashionZ by Ambika Mangtani.   Art and Memories Photography and Films with Heart were the official photography and cinematography vendors for the event.  Pervez from PTaufiq Photography took some pictures of the models as part of a bridal shoot and also jumped on the guitar in the end to show off his musical skills.  

Boston Sound and Light Company and Mint To Be Events emphasized their role in the Boston community, in that it's sole purpose is to bring people together, whether in a party or in a wedding

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