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2004 IMAX Fest - A Primer

Chitra Parayath

IMAX FEST 2004 Massachusetts’ large-format theaters have teamed up to bring a selection of more than 35 large-format films to New England. From January 8 through February 8, the 2004 IMAX fest will showcase some of the best giant screen films in the world.

On January 6, 2004, Lokvani was among the press invited to the Omni Mugar Theater at the Museum of Science in Boston to sample some of the spectacular films that will be screened during the IMAX fest.

Present at the event were Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis, President and Director of The Museum of Science, Mr. Edmund C. Toomey, the president and CEO of the New England Aquarium and the Tatelman brothers Barry and Eliot of Jordan’s Furniture. (You can find large-format theaters at both the Aquarium and the Jordan’s store in Natick, MA.)

Said Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis, “Films have the power to inspire, educate and entertain. By collaborating with Jordan’s Furniture and the New England Aquarium to share film resources, we hope to attract audiences of all ages to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a variety of large-format films in each unique theater during the month-long film festival.”

The Mugar Omni Theater at the Museum of science is home to New England’s only 180-degree IMAX dome: the Comcast IMAX theater offers the IMAX 3D Experience and special “butt kicker” seats: and the Simon’s IMAX Theater at the New England Aquarium presents the area’s highest screen-taller than a six story building- as well as the IMAX 3D technology.

Giant screen classics like Special Effects and Dolphins, new favorites Cirque Du Soleil: Journey of Man and Ghosts of abyss are among the films that will be screened during the event. Also screened will be India: Kingdom of the Tiger is a 40-minute 15/70mm film that tells the story of the Bengal tiger's struggle for survival. The Prashant H Fadia Foundation and the Deshpande foundation sponsor the local screenings. Prashant Fadia is President and CEO of The Abacus Software Group and Desh Deshpande is CEO of Sycamore Networks.

Mr. Fadia when contacted on the phone said, “ I am glad to be a part of this project as the subject of conservation and environment is dear to my heart and one of the Foundation’s main thrusts.”

Barry Tatelman mourned the sad fact that IMAX films generally work with a very minute advertisement budget as compared to 35MM Hollywood presentations. “We are thrilled to not only collaborate with our Imax partners but also to be able to offer customers the largest number of IMAX films ever brought together.” He said. His brother Barry, company CEO, added, “We are always open to creating a new opportunity that can enhance the customer experience. Imax fest will surely do that and we are excited to be working together on this project.”

Sponsored by the Boston Globe and the WCVB-TV, Channel5, the fest will run from January8-February8. Each venue will offer a “Buy one, get one free” Coupon with the purchase of a regularly priced theater ticket. The coupon can be redeemed at either of the partnering venues. For more information or to purchase tickets in advance, visit www.imaxfest.com.

“IMAX films are about accessing experiences and places not easily available to the public. The 2004 IMAX Fest will be a mid-winter feast of immersive experiences under the water, in space and in other places that many of us have not even imagined of,” said Edmond Toomey, President and CEO of the New England Aquarium. “ The Aquarium’s collaboration with the museum of Science and Jordan’s Furniture is a celebration of the increasing popularity and accessibility of the world’s most technologically sophisticated theaters and films in the Boston area.”

India: Kingdom of the Tiger is a 40-minute 15/70mm film that tells the story of the Bengal tiger's struggle for survival in a land painted by colors, carved by cultures and shaped by the customs of over one billion people. These two tales are linked by the narrative of Jim Corbett, one of the first people to recognize the essential connection between India's wildlife and its people.

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