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IANH Vasant Festival 2018 Arriving Soon!

Press Release

IANH Vasant Festival 2018 arriving soon!

Spring is knocking on the door and India Association of New Hampshire  is all set to host  the IANH Vasant Festival 2018 - one of the  biggest Cultural performance Competition on Sunday May 20th 2018 at Nashua High School North, NH. They will also have non- competitive performances.  The most popular festival attracts over a thousand people last year.  The Vendor and Sponsorship opportunity please write to Cultural@IANH.org . The festival is well received by all age groups. IANH invites all to participate in the Arts and Cultural performances for the upcoming IANH Vasant Festival 2018. Please note the details. The  participation guidelines can be found on this link


Date: Sunday, May 20th, 2018
Registration closes: May 11th, 2018
Venue: Nashua High School North, Nashua, NH. 

For any question before registering or any clarifications, send an email to cultural@ianh.org

Volunteers needed- Please sign up here IANH Vasant Festival 2018 Volunteers

Online registration links for IANH Vasant festivals are open.

Competitive Categories


Non-Competitive Categories


FB event link


1. Categories: The participants are invited to register for the following  performance categories. 

1- Competitive Music Categories

1.     Classical solo/group vocal Music 

2.     Non-classical solo/group vocal Music

3.      Instrumental Music

 2- Competitive Dance Categories  

1.     Classical Dance (A group of at least 4 or more participants allowed)

2.     Non-classical dance ( A group of at least 4 or more participants allowed)  

3.     Special Category “ Super Dancing Couple ” 

 3- Art Competition

 4- Non competitive Dance, Music and Art 

2. Levels

In each of the above categories there are the following levels recognised for competition.  Note that for competition we need at least 3 or more performing teams in each of below level or else it will be converted into non-competitive category. A group can include the kids from lower levels but not from higher levels. 

Levels for Art Competition

Sub-Junior: Pre-k to 3rd graders

Junior: 4-7 graders

Senior: 8-12 graders


Levels for Music competition: 

Junior: 4-7 graders

Senior: 8-12 graders


Levels for Dance competition: 

Sub-Junior: Pre-k to 3rd graders

Junior: 4-7 graders

Senior: 8-12 graders


Special Category “Super Dancing Couple”: Open to only High schoolers and adults.

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